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How do bamboo sisters gain weight and build hips?


How do bamboo sisters gain weight and build hips?

Thin and beautiful women, I hope that the hip type can be tilted a bit, and the original bamboo-shaped beauty of the buttocks, how to put the cost of the hip type, and then create magic?

  For people who are thin, it may be that parents have not taken good care before puberty, but now that you have grown up, you must do your homework for sculpting!

In terms of diet, you can eat high-nutrition things, even meat that girls don’t dare to eat. You don’t have to be too scared. You can also eat more seaweed, such as kelp, sea cucumber, crab, squid, shrimp,This kind of high protein stuff like Haizhepi will be very suitable for you.

  If you are a skinny and thinner beauty, you can follow the editors out of nothing, and you will be able to do it in a flat, meat-free sport!

  Lift the beautiful buttocks movement 1.

Inhale, put your body on the exercise mat, bend your elbows 90 degrees, palm down, right leg bent 90 degrees, lie on the yoga bricks, the left leg straight, the toes point on the ground, the bodyAnd the spine maintains a straight line, or wears a chiropractic band, and the complications are shaken or left in a U shape.


Exhale, the straight left leg will be raised from the ground.

At this time, be careful not to appear that the back is concave and the belly is convex forward.

  ◎This action is a standard action from Steps 1 to 2. Please do 8-12 times for each leg.

  The clip is a beautiful hip exercise.

Inhale, put your hands in the waist, and the energy yoga bricks are clipped in the thighs (the roots of the thighs closest to the buttocks), and the toes are naturally facing forward.


Exhale, stretch your hands backwards, and apply force from the hip cavity and thighs. Clamp the energy yoga bricks continuously. The number of seconds of clamping warpage is equal to your weight in kilograms. For example, 42 kg of Sun Yanzi is correct.The hip seconds are 42 seconds.

  It’s quite a beautiful hip exercise.

Inhale, place your body on the exercise mat, hold the energy yoga bricks on both knees, bend your legs, place your feet on the ground, put your hands on the left and right sides, and lower your palms.


The hip cavity is pressurized to lift the body, and the yoga bricks are clamped on the knees to enhance the hip-lifting effect. This action stops in the air for 12-18 seconds, and the breath can be breathed freely.

  Beautiful girl fruit beautiful hip film, maintenance pink small PP material: a dragon fruit a practice: 1.

The dragon fruit is hollowed out.


The peel turned over.

  Beautiful buttocks: After the shower, prepare the pitaya peel and gently rotate it on the left side by drawing a circle.

When the skin of the chest passes through the friction of the buttocks membrane, the temperature rises slightly and the skin appears healthy and rosy.

  Beautiful buttocks time: three times a week, one minute left and right hips.

You can maintain your little PP, just as tender as a baby.

How long does it take to implant endometrial cancer?

How long does it take to implant endometrial cancer?

Cancer, like the devil, has been invading women’s hearts. Many women have become extremely depressed after getting sick. There is almost no courage to live because they always feel that they can cure cancer, but they don’t have long life. In fact, thisNot absolute, then, how long does it take to implant endometrial cancer?

How to prolong the life of patients?

Let’s take a look at it together.

How long can I live with endometrial cancer?

Endometrial cancer is a common tumor. The possibility of cure by chemotherapy and chemotherapy is about 70%. However, considering that the tumor is easy to relapse and metastasize into a malignant tumor, experts recommend that patients should take medication for conditioning and strengthen physical exercise.Enhance your own immunity, resist the spread and transfer of cellulose, so the cure rate can be increased to 85%, so patients and friends should not be pessimistic.

Female friends once again find that they are sick, should be treated promptly, do not delay the disease.

Endometrial cancer occurs in the intimal layer of the uterus, mainly in adenocarcinoma, which occurs in women’s menopause or menopause. After diagnosis, surgery is often used.

Patients with daily care of endometrial cancer can achieve self-care and nursing work from the following aspects, and have obvious effects on early recovery and improvement of quality of life.

1. Establish confidence in the fight against disease. Patients should alleviate their concerns, build confidence, actively cooperate with treatment, and maintain a good psychological state. This is a necessary measure for adjuvant therapy and an important condition for disease rehabilitation.

2, do preventive measures may occur complications If patients can maintain a good mentality, and more communication with patients and medical staff, can significantly relieve symptoms.

When vomiting is severe, antiemetics can be applied appropriately, and white blood cells should be reviewed regularly.

In order to prevent infection, you should reduce companionship and try not to participate in public gatherings.

3, pay attention to diet structure endometrial cancer patients implanted to prevent vaginal stump hemorrhage, intestinal adhesions, should maintain smooth stool, high calcium, high protein, high vitamins, digestible cellulose foods, such as milk, seafood,Tofu, fruits, vegetables, etc.

4, daily activities and sexual life recovery due to malignant tumors are easy to relapse, need to be reviewed to determine whether you can restore the time of sexual life and the level of physical activity.

Pay attention to the presence or absence of regenerative lesions. If endometrial cancer patients have symptoms such as decreased vaginal discharge and sexual pain after surgery, they can take corresponding measures to increase the comfort of sexual life.

With the development of medical technology, the cure rate of cancer is also increasing. Therefore, patients with endometrial cancer should not be discouraged. To maintain a good mentality, we must have the confidence to overcome the disease and actively cooperate with the doctor. I believe it will be cured.Endometrial cancer, of course, this generally refers to early endometrial cancer.

Related recommendations for endometrial cancer, diet, taboo diet “six Yi four bogey”!

75% of endometrial cancers occur at this age, and I want to prevent it from doing this!

Women are alert to endometrial cancer, the most “love” 8 women

How to install the red light to be comfortable?


How to install the red light to be comfortable?

At night, the lighting always brings a warm, safe and unique feeling, but how to make this effect to the extreme, there can be a lot of learning.

  The porch is suitable for small spotlights.

The entrance is a transitional space between indoors and outdoors. Although the area is small, the frequency of use is high.

First of all, the place where the entrance is located is close to the natural light source, so it is most suitable for lighting the extra embedded small spotlights.

A push door, the first to usher in a warm light, will make people think of home.

  There are a few lights in the bedroom.

The light in the bedroom should be soft and warm, which can alleviate the mood. Therefore, the lamps in the bedroom are more of a decorative character. Table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, spotlights and wall lamps can be mixed to create a warm atmosphere.

It is recommended to use the bedside wall lamp and the floor lamp instead of the main lamp.

The wall lamp should use a diffusing material lampshade with low surface brightness to connect the bedroom to soft light for rest.

 The living room is suitable for chandeliers.

The living room is the door face of the living room, and the choice of lamps should match the overall style of the living room.

The chandeliers come in a variety of forms, and the choice is very large. Some European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and cone-shaped garlands.

If the home is European-style decoration, and the living room is large enough, you can consider using crystal lamps; if the decoration is relatively simple, you can try various shapes of the lanterns, you can use energy-saving bulbs.

Need to be reminded that after the chandelier is installed, its lowest point should be no less than 2 from the ground.

2 meters.

  Kitchen, bathroom, hallway with ceiling lamps.

These places need little illumination, and the water vapor is alkaline and dusty, especially in the kitchen. The soot is heavy. The ceiling lamp can not only clean but also extend the life of the lamp.

If the bathroom space is large, you can place a spotlight on the upper mirror or on the panel.

  The restaurant is suitable for direct lighting.

The restaurant requires that the light of the lamp be lower, and that it can be directly illuminating or pulling down the lamp.

Therefore, the position of the luminaire is generally directly above the dining table.

The lampshade should be cleaned with a smooth glass, plastic or metal material.

It can also be illuminated by floor lamps, and warm wall lights can be properly configured nearby to increase appetite.

  The study is best equipped with a lamp.

The main light of any study room is bright. When reading a book, it is best to put a table lamp next to it.

If you have a book collection at home, it is recommended to have a small spotlight in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only help you identify the title, but also maintain the temperature to prevent the book from replacing the decay.

Daily weight loss 3 coups make you thin and thin

Daily weight loss 3 coups make you thin and thin

As long as you have good habits every day, losing weight is an easy task.

  Friction-type weight loss does not need to sweat on all kinds of fitness equipment, do not have to bid farewell to all kinds of delicious food, do not need to pay attention to the strange slimming tricks around the world every day, just “touching” for 10 minutes every day, you can easily lose excessThe meat rubs against the skin with a broken force after bathing.

You can use the palm of your hand directly, or you can use the Japanese small loofah massage board that you can buy in the beauty supermarket.

Start from the vertical, rub your hands and rub them up to the thighs, rub them on the thighs for a while and then continue upwards. One hand rubs the hips, one hand rubs the abdomen, you can draw a circle, or you can rub up and down straight up and down.

After five minutes, switch to the right side to continue the same action.

These actions can accelerate the burning of the subcutaneous sputum, which is more effective for the “squatting warehouse” abdomen and thighs.

  Do you believe in the magic fork slimming method?

Just a small fork can make your slimming career more effective. This method is actually very simple, there are only two basic steps: First, change your tableware into a beautiful little fork, put the used chopsticks andThe spoons are all in the cold palace; second, be sure to hold the fork tightly in the left hand according to the etiquette of Western food.

  Because from the point of view of slimming, the metabolism at night is poor, and it is easy to accumulate. If you take a lot of calories before going to bed, your body will become fatter, so you should eat as much as possible and avoid too much energy.

When we use the chopsticks to eat with a fork in our left hand, it will slow down the rate of eating, and the signal of fullness will take 20 minutes from the stomach to the brain, so the slower you eat, the less you eat.

Moreover, the food that can be eaten with a fork is relatively simple, the amount of food is small, and the type is simple. How can it become a “big belly”? Drinking water and slimming, knowing that drinking water can slim down, but don’tI thought that just drinking the water bottle every day and drinking hard, the excess meat will naturally disappear.

When do you drink water in one day?

Drink some kind of water?

Which water has some kind of slimming effect?

There is a lot to be said about it.

Take a look at the following water-slimming process sheet at a glance. Get up early in the morning and drink a large glass of light salt water before the rich breakfast, causing bowel movements, helping the stomach to clean up. Of course, there will be no bulging belly.Drinking lemon citric acid can help the stomach to detoxify and accelerate the body’s metabolism. The smell of lemon can also relieve nerves and improve your work efficiency. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

  Drink a cup of warm water before lunch, you can fill the stomach first, reduce the dietary weight of lunch; second, you can supplement the body’s water consumption and accelerate metabolism.

  Once in the refreshment time, appetite is attacked, potato chips, cookies, soda; all are fat-producing food. At this time, you can make a cup of rose tea or vanilla tea, which can not only suppress appetite, but also skin care.

  In the dinner, vegetable juice borrows water to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and sugar supplements, which is the right way to lose weight. Therefore, dinner with protein and vegetable juice is not only low in calories but also in cellulose, which can accelerate adults.Discharge.

10 suggestions for improving the quality of life of the elderly

10 suggestions for improving the quality of life of the elderly

The American Geriatrics Association Foundation publishes a service manual that provides 10 recommendations on how to improve the quality of life of older people, thus making us a reference for the elderly in China.

  Eat a variety of foods to eat more nutritious, colorful fruits and vegetables, the more rich the food absorbed, the more comprehensive the nutrients.

Fish is expected to be eaten twice a week because fish can be omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for the heart.

Eat less red meat and whole milk products; absorb a certain amount of coarse grains.

  Appropriate exercise three times a week, 30 minutes of stride, you can keep your body strong, clear-headed, bones and spirit can also be exercised.

Cycling, jogging and a certain degree of weight-bearing exercise can also enhance physical fitness.

  Moderate consumption of alcohol can reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease.

30 ml of spirits per day, or 180 ml of wine is more suitable.

However, because alcohol interacts with certain drugs, you should ask your doctor if you are suitable for taking it before drinking.

  Ensuring adequate sleep Many people think that compared to young people, they don’t need much sleep before.

But in fact, the elderly also need to ensure 8 hours of sleep a day, otherwise it may cause heart disease.

  Inspire the sense of competition, you can play computer games, let your brain get enough exercise; you can participate in the debate club, inspire your fighting spirit; you can learn new languages, participate in social activities and so on.

These can keep your brain alive.

  A safe sex life study found that the more times the elderly live sex, the happier they are.

  Regular physical examination of the elderly should be a regular physical examination, carrying the daily non-prescription drugs you buy at the pharmacy for the doctor’s reference.

  Talk to people when you are in a bad mood or worry about your uneasiness.

Once you are sad, tired, lose interest in things you like, sensitive and irritable, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor.

  Vaccination can prevent pneumonia, tetanus, herpes zoster, etc., and is important for the elderly.

  Regular check-ups go to the hospital for regular checkups, including chronic diseases or multiple diseases at the same time. It is best to go to the geriatric department.

Old man’s brain blood supply is insufficient, dizziness, 4 methods can be improved

Old man’s brain blood supply is insufficient, dizziness, 4 methods can be improved

The elderly have symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain. There are many reasons for this. As children, we should pay attention to the health of the elderly.
The dizziness of the elderly has the following reasons: liver and kidney deficiency, lack of blood, can not be glory in the brain and liver yin deficiency, according to the specific symptoms, patients should promptly go to the conditioning of Chinese medicine.
Garlic garlic has the function of lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure and brain function. Because garlic and vitamin B1 contained in garlic synthesize “garlic amine” to eat garlic, it can promote the conversion of glucose into more energy supply to the brain, and relieve brain blood supply.Dizziness symptoms.
Ginkgo biloba is excellent for the elderly.
According to modern medical research, ginkgo also has the effects of smoothing blood vessels, improving brain function, delaying brain aging in the elderly, enhancing memory, treating dementia and insufficient blood supply to the brain.
Olive oil, fish oil for the symptoms of dizziness in the elderly brain, eat more olive oil, fish oil, because this is a good choice to maintain normal blood circulation, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals is also a good choice to stay healthy.
Appropriate exercise for the elderly and more extracurricular activities, love to dance, reading, playing cards, learning foreign languages and other activities can increase the number of synapses to varying degrees, enhance the signal transmission between nerve cells, and consolidate memory.

Fried pork

Fried pork

The practice and effect of fried meat slices: halal vegetables tonic body recipes, supplementing Yang recipes, fattening recipes: the production of fried pork slices: Ingredients: mutton (skinny) 200 grams of accessories: fungus (water) 25 grams of seasoning: sesame oil15 grams, 50 grams of peanut oil, 10 grams of cooking wine, 25 grams of soy sauce, 3 grams of MSG, 40 grams of starch (corn), 15 grams of green onions, 5 grams of ginger, garlic (white skin) 10 grams of fried meat slices: 1.

Wash the mutton to the ribs and cut into thin slices; 2.

The mutton slices are good with wet starch slurry (such as the effect of adding egg white sizing to smash the tenderness);

Put soy sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, water starch, green onion, ginger rice, garlic, fungus, soup in a bowl, and tune into a sauce;

Stir fry the spoon, pour the peanut oil into the heat, pour the sliced meat into the slippery, pour out the oil;

Then put the spoon on the fire, mutton back to the spoon, pour the mashed juice, and invert it evenly;

Pour in the sesame oil and serve as a spoon.

  The production of fried pork slices should be 诀: This product has a lubricating oil process, and it needs about 500 grams of peanut oil.

  Food phase grams of fungus (water): fungus should not be eaten with snails, from the food medicinal properties, cold snails, meet the smooth fungus, is not conducive to digestion, so it is not suitable for food.

  The fungus and the pheasant should not be eaten together with the acne, the pheasant has a small poison, and the same food can easily induce hemorrhoids bleeding.

  Fungus should not be eaten with wild ducks. Wild ducks are sweet and cold, and they are easy to digest.

It’s good to wash your feet every night and use your thumb to force the squats.

It’s good to wash your feet every night and use your thumb to force the squats.

High blood pressure acupoints: located behind the auricle, you can clearly touch a groove when you touch it, here is the ear back groove.

Efficacy: often massage without lowering blood pressure, but also eliminate dizziness, tinnitus and itching.

Method of operation: Use the index finger and thumb to clamp the upper part of the ear, and use your thumb to align the groove behind the ear. According to the movement of the groove, massage from top to bottom, massage 15 times a day, massage 2 times a day?
3 times, with a slight fever in the ear, the strength should not be too large.

Diabetes acupoints: In the foot diameter, first find the in-foot recombination tip, and you can touch a raised bone in front of it, and the ridge is below the ridge.

Efficacy: insist on pressing the cumin valley every day, which can combine good hypoglycemic effect.

Method of operation: Wash your feet every night, and use your thumb to force the sputum to the point until there is a noticeable soreness.

High blood fat acupoints: the palm of the hand is facing the knee joint, the four points are straight down, and the middle finger tip is the Zusanli point.

Efficacy: It has the effect of lowering fat, calming the nerves and clearing the meridians.

Method of operation: Apply some safflower oil to the place, press the 食5 every morning and evening?
10 minutes, stick to a week.

Acupuncture points for cervical spondylosis: the hand is gripped into a fist, and the end of the horizontal line after the metacarpophalangeal joint is the Houxi point.

Efficacy: Houxi Point is the intersection of the eight classics of the Eight Classics. It can regulate the cervical vertebrae, benefit the eyes, and the spine.

Method of operation: Press the thumb and abdomen to press the acupoints of the Houxi acupoint. Pay attention to the intensity when pressing. Massage for 5 minutes each time and massage twice a day.

Constipation acupoints: three fingers next to the navel, here is Tianshu.

Efficacy: able to pass intermediates to treat constipation.

How to do it: Beat at least twice a day, 5 times each time?
10 minutes, knock until the lower abdomen fever.

Related recommendations: Pressing your hands on three acupuncture points, all the eye problems are gone!

Moxibustion through these 6 points, you can get rid of a lot of moisture!


Does your internal organs have arthritis?

Know by these acupuncture points!

7 eating habits that will increase your weight

7 eating habits that will increase your weight

Many dietary methods often lead to our body fattening diet. The recent article in the US Newsweek article includes the following seven ways to make people gain weight.

The article also tells people that the best way to eat is to sit at the table and concentrate on eating.


Eating too much hastily When the researchers asked participants to quickly eat a large plate of pasta, they found that these people absorbed an average of 646 calories in 9 minutes, while those who were asked to enjoy slowly averaged 29 minutes.Ingested 579 calories.

In addition, rushing to eat also causes indigestion and stomach pain.


Eating in the kitchen while standing in front of a refrigerator or stove while eating and preparing meals often inadvertently increases the calorie intake.

Similarly, in the face of leftovers, the calories that people absorb will increase a lot.

“When a diligent mother cleans the table after dinner, she often thinks “it is a shameful thing to throw away so many chicken pieces.”

So she started eating these chicken pieces.

“British nutrition association leader Bonnie said.


When you eat at work, from the free donuts in the morning to the free drinks in the middle of the break, the entire working time seems to be a process of constantly replacing calories.

In fact, free food in the office can increase the number of calories implanted in the human body.

  At the same time, because of the temptation to free diet, it is difficult to resist, and the appetite in the office will increase greatly.

A 2006 study by Cornell University found that people who have office bowls near their seats often eat a lot of candy, but they don’t know how much they eat.


Eating in dimness A 2002 study by California State University found that people who are keen on overeating tend to eat in dimly lit environments.

Researchers believe that dim light can reduce the shyness of someone while eating.


Eating too little to eat a lot of research shows that chewing food helps digestion and prevent bloating and stomach pain. “When you can chew and swallow a large piece of food, these foods are difficult to fully decompose.

Bonnie said.

Because the area of contact with the digestive enzymes in the saliva after the food has been fully chewed increases.

So, what is it enough to chew?

First, it is best to chew on the food 25 times to make the food mushy.


A large number of studies in restaurants have shown that frequent outings are associated with obesity, a slight increase, and a similar increase in other body indices.

Researchers at the University of Memphis found that women who ate 6 to 13 times a week ate an average of 290 calories a day.


Eating in front of the screen Whether you are eating in front of a computer or a TV screen, while indulging in a network or TV program for a long time will greatly increase the unconscious diet.

  Researchers at some of the leading research institutes have found that watching TV is a risk factor for obesity, especially for young people.

Eating while watching TV can be a double hazard: it increases the unconscious diet and takes up time spent on calories burned.

Old people have to choose to eat fruit

Old people have to choose to eat fruit

Fruits are rich in vitamins, cellulose, minerals and other nutrients, so they are very popular with everyone. Many elderly people also like to eat fruits. They always feel that eating more fruits is beneficial.

However, due to the annual disciplinary reasons, the elderly have different ability to absorb food. In addition, some elderly people also suffer from various chronic diseases. Therefore, when eating fruits, they should choose to eat according to their own physical conditions.

  Hypertension – Eating potassium-containing fruits and potassium-containing fruits can help patients with high blood pressure, help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.

Fruits with high potassium content include: red dates, bananas, apricots, cantaloupe, peaches, oranges, mandarins, kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, etc.

Some fruits that have a cardiovascular effect are also suitable for patients with hypertension, such as kiwi, apple, and hawthorn.

Experts remind that high blood pressure patients with hypertension should not eat too much too much, too sweet fruit, so as not to increase the burden on the body.

  Hyperglycemia or Diabetes – Choose low-sugar fruit fruits contain large amounts of vitamins, cellulose and minerals that are beneficial to people with high blood sugar and diabetes.

Older people with long-term high diabetes or diabetes can choose the fruit crystallized by the glycemic index (GI).

Apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, grapes, mandarins, pomelo, etc. are all good choices.

In addition, it is best for diabetics to eat fruits regularly and quantitatively.

  Experts suggest that sugar friends should eat fruit separately between meals, which will not increase the risk of blood sugar fluctuations, but can increase the feeling of fullness between meals, paving the way for the next meal, which helps to restrain the diet.

It is enough to eat 100 grams (ie two or two) each time, and excessive fruit can hinder the control of blood sugar.

  It should be reminded that the amount of sugar in the fruit varies, and the condition of diabetes is not the same. Therefore, it is not equivalent to treat the situation.

Patients with hyperlipidemia should take control of the total conversion and must not allow the fruit to become an extra transfer outside the meal.

Watermelon, medlar, bayberry, carambola, plum, pomelo, guava, etc., all belong to transformed fruit.

  Kidney disease – Eat less potassium-containing fruit nephropathy patients, as long as the general urine volume is normal, there is no oliguria or renal failure, you should eat more fruits to ensure the intake of excess vitamins.

If the patient’s urine output is reduced, the fruit should be selectively eaten, especially if it is less than 500 ml per day.

Because fruits usually contain high levels of potassium, the amount of blood in patients with chronic renal failure will increase blood potassium levels, affecting heart function, so it is not appropriate to absorb too much potassium.

However, when the blood potassium level is low after using a diuretic, you can eat more.

Fruits with low potassium content include papaya and Sydney.

If the patient with renal dysfunction has dialysis, the machine can be normally metabolized, and the fruit can be eaten normally.

Patients with high blood plasma levels of nephritis cannot eat foods with high potassium ion content, such as guava, medlar, peach, orange, orange, and persimmon.

  Gastroesophageal reflux – avoid eating too sweet, too acidic fruit for patients with gastroesophageal reflux, most fruits do not have to avoid.

But too sweet, too acidic fruit is easy to stimulate gastric acid secretion, to avoid eating, such as orange, grapefruit, tomato, pineapple, etc. belong to this category.

Need to pay attention to, do not eat fruit on an empty stomach, preferably after a meal?
Eat it in 2 hours, which can help digestion, and avoid eating too much to cause excessive abdominal pressure, causing gastroesophageal reflux.

Old people with problems in the digestive system should also eat food when they eat fruit.

Do not eat frozen fruit, cut into small pieces to eat, all help to better absorb.