To increase fat, you can eat more red food.

To increase fat, you can eat more red food.

A recent study by French scientists shows that choosing a diet based on food color can help increase fat.

When you see red, orange, and bright yellow foods, you can eat more if you want to gain weight.

When you see white, green, and black foods, you can eat more if you want to lose weight. Green, white, and black foods are generally low-level foods and are foods that help you lose weight.

  Red, orange food is the most stimulating appetite, which can make people eat a few mouthfuls.

Therefore, these colors of food are suitable as the color of breakfast during weight loss, giving an exciting start to every day.

But for lunch and dinner, you should eat less of this kind of food. If you eat boiled fish, you will see the color of the red glutinous rice. It is very appetizing. Although eating fish will not increase fat, eating chili will appetite and appetite.Well, other foods will be eaten more, and 累积 will accumulate in unconsciously. Meat can be divided into three categories according to color: red meat, white meat and colorless meat.

It is best to choose white meat and colorless meat during weight loss.

Colorless meat mainly refers to aquatic shellfish meat, such as oyster meat, oysters and crab crab meat. Its saturated fat content is lower than that of any other meat type, only half of cheese and eggs, thus avoiding the increase of human residue.

Moreover, the amount of saturated traces and residues in white meat (chicken, duck, rabbit and fish) and colorless meat is significantly lower than that of red meat (pork, beef, lamb).

  Green food mainly refers to various green vegetables, such as tender bamboo shoots, spinach, avocado, cabbage, and olive oil. These foods are neutral in color and do not contain high fat and rich in nutrients.

Many people are susceptible to feelings during weight loss. Eating green food is good for stabilizing mood and reducing tension.

Moreover, the various nutrients of green food are rich and balanced, especially vitamins.

  Small knowledge: The amount of food required by the human body for each of these five types of foods increases from dark to light, that is, the amount of white food required by the human body is greater than that of yellow food, larger than red food, larger than green food, and larger than black food.

During weight loss, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily matching of foods of various colors according to this rule, so as to balance the diet and nutrition, and is more conducive to healthy weight loss.

Sleep well makes you sleep better 7 plans

Sleep well makes you sleep better 7 plans

I ca n’t sleep, I do n’t sleep well, I do n’t sleep enough . Our relationship with sleep has never been as entangled as now. The latest figures show that at least 38% of people worldwide have insomnia.At least one sleep disorder experience . How can I get a good night’s sleep?

Ask different people and get different answers.

The only thing that is the same is that busy and busy urban professional women are experiencing deeper and deeper physical deficits in order to lose a good sleep.

The research results on sleep are endless, from the time of sleep, the mechanism to the depth, a period, from the sound of sleep, light to temperature, food . It does not prevent me from using it, but in the final analysis, sleep is a very personalTime, a very personal thing.

It’s like someone likes the smell of lavender by the pillow, while someone leaves the buckwheat skin pillow made by my mother and is destined to be placed on the opposite side.

Different people have different sleep requirements, and it is you who knows you best.

  Sleep experts put forward 7 hypnotic suggestions for “hypnosis”, let’s take what we need to achieve a good sleep.

  1. Two hours before bedtime, turn off the headlights and change the small lights. Experts believe that cultivating the body’s stimulus to light can help you fall asleep smoothly.

For example, the light in the morning should be bright, and the light in the night should be dim, which helps to form a fixed biological clock.

Experts recommend that after 8pm every night, whether or not you are going to sleep, you should replace the bright headlights with luminous lights to make environmental preparations for entering a quasi-sleep state.

  Additional gains: save electricity, save money, and be environmentally friendly.

  2. Enjoy reading and make a good dream. Reading before bedtime is a memory of the school days, but it is also the most worthy bedtime ritual.

Isn’t it?

As a student, we have few memories of not being able to sleep, and many good habits have not persisted, such as reading before bedtime.

It’s time to pick up this habit and consciously cultivate it as your “sleep prelude.”

Of course, you don’t have to let yourself choose a textbook at all. For a busy day, the best companion before bedtime is a book such as travel essay, which makes the mood of reading relaxed and happy, and does not need to stimulate brain cell thinking.

Sleep experts said that all inspirational, professional and business books that are likely to make the adrenal glands accelerate the secretion are not suitable for entering our bedtime reading books.

  Bonus: Reading more can naturally broaden our horizons and let us understand the possibility of another life.

At least, it’s also good to talk more about your resources while chatting with colleagues and friends.

  3. Drink a cup of hot soy milk and supplement the last nutritional meal of the day. Studies have found that soy milk and milk do have a hypnotic effect. For sensitive bodies, it is possible to distinguish the difference between drinking and not drinking.

  Extra benefits: Milk and soy milk not only contain L-tryptophan to help sleep, but also strengthen bones and dental calcium.

It’s so comfortable to let calcium supplements complete in sleep.

  4. If you are a daze for a while, turn your daze training into your must-be before bedtime. Sleep experts believe that enjoying a really quiet time before bedtime is a good bedtime ritual.

The inability to fall asleep is because the mind and body have not yet bid farewell to the many tasks during the day. Staying alone for a while is a bedtime ritual to change the baggage and empty the spirit.

  Bonus: Enjoying solitude quietly is an ability.

Surveys show that professionals who are alone every day are happier.

Sleep experts say that for people, falling asleep is a lonely journey in itself.

  5. Write the BLOG. The current account record is not the kind of bulletin board-like BLOG that is known to everyone on the day. It is a log only for yourself.

Sometimes we don’t want to let ourselves rest, and we feel that many things haven’t been done, and we don’t feel sleepy when we are lying in a comfortable bed.

  It is better to have a simple running account before bedtime every day, don’t worry about writing, just to record the day’s harvest, so that you feel full of accomplishment before bedtime.

  Bonus: Persistence is a good record of life. After many years, you will be grateful for this bedtime habit.

  6. Take a bath in warm water and give the body a relaxation instruction. Bathing is a great way to relax.

Therefore, spas have been respected since ancient times and can blossom in a variety of cultural backgrounds.

With your nerves and body in a tense state, you can soothe your tiredness and annoyance through the love of water. When the water drops fall on your skin, it is the ritual of “allowing” yourself to start the sleep preparation phase.

  Bonus: If you are keen to “apply 30 minutes a day to apply various lotions to your body”, then in addition to your fragrant skin, you will have a restful sleep.

Because this is similar to a self-massage process, the body that has been taken care of by both hands is therefore more relaxed and natural.

  7, 30 minutes before falling asleep, playing a fixed hypnotic music music is a good way to help the body go to sleep.

Good sleep rituals also include playing fixed music (some Beethoven’s moonlight sonatas or other songs or music that have special meaning to you) before falling asleep, gradually quieting the body, and making the music a prelude to a sound sleep.  Additional benefits: Studies in the United States have found that long-term listening to music and falling asleep can reduce the incidence of hypertension.

Scientists conducted a 5-year comparative survey. People who fell asleep in the gentle sound of music had better sleep quality and healthier hearts than the other group of people who fell asleep quietly.

  These bedtime habits are not conducive to sleep smoking: Tobacco does allow people to temporarily enter another state similar to fantasy, but that is caused by a momentary lack of oxygen in the brain, which will only make you dizzy and not ensure its sleep.

Moreover, the smell of tobacco permeates the air in the bedroom, which is a temporary break at the expense of lung health, which is very unhealthy.

  Drinking: Drinking and falling asleep is also an unhealthy bedtime ritual.

The health hazards caused by excessive alcohol consumption are temporary and frequent. For sleep alone, the drowsiness caused by drinking is usually at a shallow level, so many people still feel top-heavy after waking up.

  Of course, if you only drink a small glass of wine before bedtime every day, it will help your health and sleep.

  Level one exercise before bed: Excessive physical exertion is beneficial to body material and also helps sleep quality.

However, exercise within three hours before bedtime will gradually increase blood boiling and body temperature, which will affect your time to sleep.

  Experts say that although speed exercise is not suitable for your bedtime ritual, it does not negate the effect of exercise on sleep quality.

Studies have found that people who exercise more than 4 hours per week sleep 12 minutes faster than people who are sedentary and sleep for an hour longer.

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise yourself, as long as you are not at bedtime.

  Is bedtime ritual the best self hypnosis?

  Sleep experts believe that LETTING GO’s ability varies from person to person. If you can’t let go before falling asleep, you might as well give up your will to fall asleep and focus instead on focusing on a healthy bedtime habits.

The positive psychological effect of the ceremony on women should not be underestimated.

Therefore, you may wish to establish your own bedtime ritual and complete your body pampering in enjoyment.

  Pick one of the easier nights in January to start your sleep habits.

Because it is easier for people to start building a new body torso at their most relaxed time.

Whether you choose to take a hot bath or listen to classical music, if you stick to it for a week, your body will establish primary recognition of the new sleep ritual.

If you persist for about 20 days, you will have your own sleep ritual.

  What if I can’t sleep?

  Just let it be.

Experts say don’t keep yourself in bed if you find it difficult to fall asleep.

Get yourself out of bed to find something to do, and when you are sleepy, it is not too late.

Allow yourself to be awake if this is the natural choice of the body.

In short, don’t try to control everything, not to mention that sleep doesn’t just listen to people’s mercy, just let it be.

How to nurse bacterial vaginitis better

How to nurse bacterial vaginitis better

The harm of vaginitis to women can not be ignored. If the treatment of vaginitis is not timely, it will easily lead to other gynecological diseases, so women should not delay the treatment time when they suffer from vaginitis, so as to avoid aggravating the condition.

So, how to nurse bacterial vaginitis is better?

Let’s take a look at the related introduction below.

How to nurse bacterial vaginitis is better, live care 1, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the vulva clean and dry; wash and change underwear, do not share bath towels, bath tub, do not wear nylon or similar underwear, used during illnessBath towels, underwear, etc. should be boiled and disinfected.

2, to strengthen health propaganda, for factories, institutions, residents, especially female workers in collective housing, female students, etc., should be regularly census, general rule to eliminate the source of infection.

3, sexual intercourse is prohibited during treatment, or condoms are used to prevent cross-infection.

Avoid vaginal medication and bathing during menstruation.

The anti-repeat author should check the husband’s urination and prostatic fluid, and repeat the examination as necessary. If it is positive, it should be treated together.

Second, patients with mental vaginal vaginitis should be stable, afraid of raising temperament, and psychological treatment according to the patient’s personality and pathogenesis, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve autoimmune function.

Actively eliminate the predisposing factors and timely treat various inflammations of the reproductive organs.

Third, diet and diet should be light, avoid spicy stimulation, so as not to cause damp heat or burn blood.

Pay attention to diet and nutrition, enhance physical fitness, and exorcise.

1, eat more yoghurt rich in active Lactobacillus acidophilus, such as yoghurt of bifidobacteria, soy oligosaccharides, etc., with the integration of beneficial bacteria in the body to breed and grow, inhibit the survival of harmful bacteria.

2, edible cinnamon and garlic juice: use these two foods as a seasoning, can fight infection, kill Candida albicans causing urinary tract infection.

3, foods that eat more complex carbohydrates: such as whole grains, whole wheat, crude rice and vegetables, etc. digestion is slow, it is impossible to promote the growth of yeast.

Eat more antioxidant foods, which will enhance the body’s immunity, anti-infection, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and trace elements zinc, iron, magnesium, copper and selenium are antioxidants.

Expert Tip: If you have bacterial vaginitis, you must go to the hospital for diagnosis in time. Timely treatment is the most effective means. In addition, you should pay attention to the prevention of vaginitis in your life.

Gallbladder polyps eat some food, what food is good for gallbladder polyps

Gallbladder polyps eat some food, what food is good for gallbladder polyps

Middle-aged people living in urban life are often destroyed by gallbladder polyposis. If the daily diet is slightly inadvertent, it will cause recurrence of polyps. Eating becomes wary. Is there any way to treat it?

Today, authoritative experts want to introduce the effects of diet on gallbladder polyposis, so that you can eat both well and eat right.

Gallbladder polyps eat a certain kind of food is good 1, should eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, into low-fat, low-cholesterol foods.

Such as: mushrooms, fungus, celery, sprouts, kelp, clams, fish, rabbit, chicken, fresh beans and so on.

These foods can effectively prevent gallbladder cysts and prevent gallbladder polyps.

2, should eat more dried beans and their products.

3, suitable for vegetable oil, no animal oil.

4, eat less pepper, raw garlic and other irritating foods or spicy food.

Avoid gallbladder polyps caused by stimulation of the gallbladder.

5, should be cooked, steamed, braised, fried, mixed, stewed, stewed cooking methods.

No frying and roasting cooking methods.

6, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, cassia seed decoction on behalf of tea or drink green tea.

7, usually drink water when crushed hawthorn, sea buckthorn, ginkgo, gynostemma into the water cup when tea can effectively prevent gallbladder polyps.

What should I do if my gallbladder polyps are found to have regular gallbladder polyps?

It needs to be reviewed regularly. The main methods are as follows: B-ultrasound: This inspection method is characterized by flexibility, accuracy, no cracks, high cost, and is accepted by many patients. It can accurately display the size, position, quantity and wall of polyps.Happening.

Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging: This examination method can make the gallbladder have a spatially oriented three-dimensional sense, good sound permeability, and have the effect of directly looking at the gallbladder cross section, which can replace some defects of two-dimensional imaging.

Almost observable the size and shape of gallbladder polyps, can distinguish the relationship between polyps and gallbladder wall, and help to improve the identification of gallbladder polyps and gallbladder adenoma or cancer.

Endoscopic Ultrasound: This method can exclude the effects of intestinal gas interference or bile viscosity, and can screen for tumor lesions that should be supplemented.

Related recommendations for a certain kind of gallbladder polyps to supplement the resection has an impact on the body?

Gallbladder polyps to eat what are the three gallbladder polyps of the diet method gallbladder polyps diet guide

How to install the red light to be comfortable?


How to install the red light to be comfortable?

At night, the lighting always brings a warm, safe and unique feeling, but how to make this effect to the extreme, there can be a lot of learning.

  The porch is suitable for small spotlights.

The entrance is a transitional space between indoors and outdoors. Although the area is small, the frequency of use is high.

First of all, the place where the entrance is located is close to the natural light source, so it is most suitable for lighting the extra embedded small spotlights.

A push door, the first to usher in a warm light, will make people think of home.

  There are a few lights in the bedroom.

The light in the bedroom should be soft and warm, which can alleviate the mood. Therefore, the lamps in the bedroom are more of a decorative character. Table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, spotlights and wall lamps can be mixed to create a warm atmosphere.

It is recommended to use the bedside wall lamp and the floor lamp instead of the main lamp.

The wall lamp should use a diffusing material lampshade with low surface brightness to connect the bedroom to soft light for rest.

 The living room is suitable for chandeliers.

The living room is the door face of the living room, and the choice of lamps should match the overall style of the living room.

The chandeliers come in a variety of forms, and the choice is very large. Some European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and cone-shaped garlands.

If the home is European-style decoration, and the living room is large enough, you can consider using crystal lamps; if the decoration is relatively simple, you can try various shapes of the lanterns, you can use energy-saving bulbs.

Need to be reminded that after the chandelier is installed, its lowest point should be no less than 2 from the ground.

2 meters.

  Kitchen, bathroom, hallway with ceiling lamps.

These places need little illumination, and the water vapor is alkaline and dusty, especially in the kitchen. The soot is heavy. The ceiling lamp can not only clean but also extend the life of the lamp.

If the bathroom space is large, you can place a spotlight on the upper mirror or on the panel.

  The restaurant is suitable for direct lighting.

The restaurant requires that the light of the lamp be lower, and that it can be directly illuminating or pulling down the lamp.

Therefore, the position of the luminaire is generally directly above the dining table.

The lampshade should be cleaned with a smooth glass, plastic or metal material.

It can also be illuminated by floor lamps, and warm wall lights can be properly configured nearby to increase appetite.

  The study is best equipped with a lamp.

The main light of any study room is bright. When reading a book, it is best to put a table lamp next to it.

If you have a book collection at home, it is recommended to have a small spotlight in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only help you identify the title, but also maintain the temperature to prevent the book from replacing the decay.