Have anorexia and eat a bowl of Huaishan Golden Porridge

Have anorexia and eat a bowl of Huaishan Golden Porridge

Many parents often refuse to say that “children don’t want to eat anything, and it is difficult to eat.” Others have headaches. “The child always shouts that his stomach hurts and refuses to eat.”

  Today, as opposed to obese children, there are often too many children who refuse to eat.

  Li Jian, director of the traditional medical department of the Beijing Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Capital Medical University, told the Life Times reporter that anorexia is a manifestation of children’s abnormal feeding behaviors and a common symptom of children in many diseases. All agesChild children, including preschool children.

In terms of physiological characteristics, children do not like to eat for two main reasons: first, the evidence, that is, because they do not know that they are full, the diet is incontinent, and the second is the spleen deficiency, because the spleen and stomach are weak and indigestion causes anorexia, Picky eaters.
In view of the above, parents are advised to cook Huaishanei Golden Porridge for their children.

  The main ingredients of Huai Shan Nei Golden Porridge include Huai Yam, Chicken Nei Jin (Chicken’s Stomach) and Rice or Millet.

It is characterized by soft porridge, sweet and refreshing.

Li Jian pointed out that yam is a product of Gan Ping, which strengthens the spleen and strengthens the qi, and the Jinjin chicken can strengthen the stomach and eliminate food, and reduce appetite.

The combination of the two has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, digesting and stagnation.

At the same time, yam and internal gold have a mild taste, and also support and dispel. It has a good conditioning effect on stagnation of diet and spleen and stomach weakness in children.

“In the early days, you can also take medicines such as Huashi Pills, Baohe Pills, etc., which are supplemented with Huaishan Neijin Porridge to regulate and nourish, and the effect will be better.

“Li Jian said.

  Ingredients: 15-20 grams of Huai yam, 9 grams of chicken internal gold, 150 grams of previous rice, moderate sugar.

  Method: Grind yam and internal gold into fine powder; set the pot on the fire, put in an appropriate amount of water, and add rice, yam, and internal gold to make porridge. Season with an appropriate amount of white sugar.

What are you telling others when shaking hands

What are you telling others when shaking hands

A new study once again supports the usual view of etiquette, that a strong handshake is good for men or women to impress others.

  Researchers have found that a good first impression does have a substantial connection with various characteristics of the handshake such as strength, passion, duration, eye contact, and degree of grip.

The study conducted by the University of Albama in the United States evaluated the handshake method of 112 male and female college students. Before the experiment began, the researchers first trained 4 coders over a month to allow them to skillfully giveDifferent handshake codes.

During the experiment, the students did not know that their handshake method was being evaluated. They only held their hands twice with the four subjects, and then filled four personality questionnaires.

  WillianF, who led the study.

Dr. Chaplin said that a person’s handshake is relatively unchanged and related to his personality. Those who have a strong handshake are understatement than those who shake hands, and those who shrink and shrink are more relaxed, open, and will see neurotic, sensitive andshy.

  The study also analyzes gender differences. Generally speaking, men are better than women at shaking hands. Most of the women who are free, have high IQs, and have outgoing personality are also able to shake hands. It is easier to impress than women with a light grip.
But for men, the opposite is also true. Many open men shake hands less heavily, leaving a weaker impression than those who are not so outgoing.

  Dr. Chaplin said that the results of this research are very important for women’s self-promotion strategies. For women, it is positive and effective to show similar self-confidence and behavior to men, especially during business negotiations and recruitment interviews.A strong handshake may make a good first impression, and it will not bring many other subtle reactions caused by self-promotion.

Skin quality can determine your weight loss method

Skin quality can determine your weight loss method

Dry skin type says: dry skin, less luster than hair. Reason: Hypothyroidism When the thyroid is overloaded, it can’t secrete proper amounts of hormones to control the metabolic process.

Causes your lack of vitamins, weight gain, dry skin, and a duller hair.

  The recipe for weight loss: Every meal needs to pay attention to protein supplements, such as lean beef, chicken and fish.

These foods provide you with a stable amount of iron and amino acids, which are very important for the production of oracle bone hormones.

Not only that, but absorbing more of these proteins can also help you avoid foods that can cause thyroid dysfunction.

In the course of a week, eat the following foods no more than twice: soy, peach, strawberry, peanut and spinach.

  The long acne-type face says: the skin is prone to long spots, acne and other small fat reasons: PH-balanced diets that contain too much acidic substances, such as meat, dairy products, sweets or fruits, will provide good bacteria.The growth environment prevents liver and thyroid function.

This reduces the ability of these organs to treat adults.

At the same time, toxins in the body due to acidic substances can cause skin pores to clog, oil imbalance, and skin problems.

  Weight Loss Secret: Adjust your diet to 75% alkaline food and 25% acidic material.

Alkaline foods you can choose include asparagus, broccoli, sweet peppers, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, onions, squash, radish, avocado, tofu, vegetable juice, garlic and other condiments.

After such a diet adjustment, you will find that not only is it not so many years, but the skin will be greatly improved.

  The face says: The skin is somewhat yellowish, and the ears are red and fat. The liver is overwhelmed. The liver of the human body controls more than 1,500 metabolic reactions, which are essential for burning abnormalities, productivity, and weight control.

This key organ is able to break down the toxins that dissolve the abnormalities and excrete them through the kidneys.

Once the liver is overwhelmed, it will slow down the treatment of these toxins, can not help the body to discharge toxins in a timely manner, and may lead to weight gain, lack of vitality, and yellow skin.

  Weight loss recipe: Eat more green leafy vegetables on the diet, such as eating more celery, cabbage, bean sprouts and other foods every day.

These foods are rich in chlorophyll and help accelerate the repair of damaged liver cells.

In addition, you should get enough protein every day.

Good sources of protein food include lean meat, beef, turkey, peeled chicken and fish.

Proteins can increase the rate of metabolism, improve enzyme production in the liver, and help the liver convert toxins into excretable water-soluble substances more efficiently.

  Face edema type face: face edema, eye bags fat reason: hormonal imbalance When estrogen and progesterone levels gradually become chronic, then the control of appetite hormones, such as the function of complex amines will also be affected, resulting in weight gain.
  Weight Loss Secrets: Studies have shown that a calcium-incorporated diet can help women who are prone to hormonal imbalances lose weight.

This is because calcium helps the body shut down genes that are too sensitive to hormonal changes.

Eat calcium-rich foods daily, such as low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.

  A massage that improves your high blood pressure and correct posture can help you solve some minor problems in your face.

Eight of the fourteen meridians in the human body begin or end on the face. Once these meridians improve, the face is prone to edema, slack and other symptoms.

However, some of our massage techniques, by giving the corresponding acupressure, can open up the meridians and solve these annoying problems.

  Next, use the index finger to find the problem according to different situations, and massage the face at the same time for 45 seconds.

Eye edema?

Use your fingers to find the ridge below the eye, under the pupil, and then slowly press down until you feel a 6 mm offset.

This action helps to release excess water that causes the eyes to swell, which in turn helps the skin in this position to be smoother and tighter, creating a glamorous eye.

  The skin is not shiny; use your fingertips behind your ears to find the joint between your chin and your ears and press for 45 seconds.

This action accelerates the flow of bioelectric energy and body fluids on the face to replenish the skin and regain its radiance.

The cheeks are drooping; the line that runs down the middle of the eye with your fingers tends to the lowest part of the cheekbones, about the balance of the tip of the nose.

Insert for 45 seconds.

This action can increase the circulation of this area, allowing you to slow down the sagging of your facial muscles.

How does white-collar fitness work well?

How does white-collar fitness work well?

Yoga is indeed the most popular fitness exercise for office girls, because in addition to being able to strengthen the body, yoga can also regulate physiology and relieve stress, which is especially useful for professionals who are nervous and irritated all day long.

At the same time, the yoga line is particularly eye-catching in the gym. The loose and decent clothes are matched with pure or bright colors, and they are relaxed and stretched, perfectly carving your beautiful curves.

  Black sports trousers are made of high-elastic lightweight fabric that fits the skin but is not tight, smoothing out the lines of the legs, and ensuring that the legs do not slip when doing a certain amount of movement.

  Anaerobic exercise is a strength-type fitness program that enhances muscles and explosiveness and stimulates heart and lung function. However, fitness and weight loss are not as effective as aerobic exercise, so it is more popular among men in the workplace.

Men’s fitness equipment is also relatively simple, more prominent in the auxiliary role of the function, the fashion details are relatively relative.

  The white sports top with a close-fitting design perfectly shows the muscles of men. The small stand-up collar and zipper design are very chic, with loose sports shorts, it is suitable for all kinds of equipment sports.

  From the initial aerobics to the popular boxing, Latin dance, belly dance, aerobics are always filled with happy emotions due to the dynamic music and dance-like movements, and therefore suffer from many workplaces.Favor.
Take off the rigid work clothes, put on the beautiful and self-cultivating fitness line, and exuberate in the passionate music, let the whole day’s nervous depression suddenly disappear.

  The streamlined color-matching design aligns the posture with the curve, and the trousers of the sports shorts are carefully widened to provide adequate protection.

Old man’s brain blood supply is insufficient, dizziness, 4 methods can be improved

Old man’s brain blood supply is insufficient, dizziness, 4 methods can be improved

The elderly have symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain. There are many reasons for this. As children, we should pay attention to the health of the elderly.
The dizziness of the elderly has the following reasons: liver and kidney deficiency, lack of blood, can not be glory in the brain and liver yin deficiency, according to the specific symptoms, patients should promptly go to the conditioning of Chinese medicine.
Garlic garlic has the function of lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure and brain function. Because garlic and vitamin B1 contained in garlic synthesize “garlic amine” to eat garlic, it can promote the conversion of glucose into more energy supply to the brain, and relieve brain blood supply.Dizziness symptoms.
Ginkgo biloba is excellent for the elderly.
According to modern medical research, ginkgo also has the effects of smoothing blood vessels, improving brain function, delaying brain aging in the elderly, enhancing memory, treating dementia and insufficient blood supply to the brain.
Olive oil, fish oil for the symptoms of dizziness in the elderly brain, eat more olive oil, fish oil, because this is a good choice to maintain normal blood circulation, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals is also a good choice to stay healthy.
Appropriate exercise for the elderly and more extracurricular activities, love to dance, reading, playing cards, learning foreign languages and other activities can increase the number of synapses to varying degrees, enhance the signal transmission between nerve cells, and consolidate memory.