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Why do you worry more by drinking

Why do you worry more by drinking

Professor Matsuki Norihiro of the University of Tokyo led the research.
The researchers moved the experimental mice to a different box from the breeding environment and shocked them.
Next, the rats were returned to their usual breeding boxes, and the degree of horrible memory of the rats was measured by the length of time that the rats remained in the box.
After that, the researchers divided the experimental mice into two groups, and only allowed one group to drink alcohol, and then performed the above experiment again.
It was found that compared to non-alcoholic rats, “drunk” rats had a longer standing period, and their fear lasted for an average of nearly two weeks.
Researchers say this could prove that horror memory is enhanced by the effects of alcohol.
  Researchers say that alcohol can make memories that you want to erase more secure, and after waking up, short-lived happiness leaves almost no memories.
“The best way to forget the pain is to ‘cover’ negative memories with positive memories as soon as possible, rather than ‘borrowing sadness with alcohol.’

Don’t touch 5 big foods before going to bed to give you comfort and good sleep

Don’t touch 5 big foods before going to bed to give you comfort and good sleep

Whether you can sleep well at night is very important.

In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine, there was a statement that “If the stomach is incompatible, you are restless.” Clinical nutritionists also pointed out that one of the causes of sleep disorders is eating some “unsuitable” food during dinner.

So, what is good for sleep at night, and certain foods make you sleepless at night?

  Many people know that caffeine-containing foods can stimulate the nervous system and have a certain diuretic effect, which is a common cause of insomnia.

  In fact, in addition to this, eating spicy food for dinner is also an important reason affecting sleep.

Peppers, garlic, and onions can cause burning and indigestion in the stomach, and robes can affect sleep.

  After eating greasy food, it will increase the workload of the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, stimulate the nerve center, keep it working, and cause insomnia.

  Some foods can produce decomposed gas during digestion, which can cause abdominal distension and hinder normal sleep, such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, corn, and bananas.

  Drinking before bedtime has been considered by many people to promote sleep, but recent research has proven that although it can make people fall asleep quickly, it keeps the sleep state in the light sleep period and it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period.

Therefore, the drinker even sleeps for a long time and will still feel tired after waking up.

Longevity Eight Character Classic

Longevity Eight Character Classic

When a monkey walks into old age, its muscles will gradually atrophy and its internal organs gradually decline.

  If the monkey learns as much activity as possible, so that the blood and blood in the body can flow freely, and cerebral thrombosis or myocardial infarction is unlikely to occur, it will naturally prolong life.

Every day, you can walk to the park to play Tai Chi, dance aerobics, and breathe fresh air. This is easy to eliminate fatigue and invigorate.

  Ants tend to become more lonely in their old age and are reluctant to deal with people.

If you move in groups like ants, and usually contact people and communicate with each other, you can have a good time.

In addition, learn how to eat ants, and chew slowly, so that eating slowly can make various nutrients fully digested.

  If you want to be healthy and longevity, you can learn how to be healthy, and get along with people and uncles. Don’t be angry with a little thing, let alone words that hurt people.

  Tongxin often spends time with the children, telling fairy tales, and sharing the joy of childhood in the laughter of future generations.

In this way, the mood is relaxed, the brain cell load is reduced, and the immune system function is strengthened, so it is not easy to get sick.

Environment leads to willful babies

Environment leads to “willful” babies

Generally speaking, children are still immature due to their immature psychological development and lack of knowledge and judgment about many things.
Capriciousness is a common problem for children. If we let the capriciousness of children, it will affect their interpersonal communication, because capricious children have difficulty cooperating, sharing, and negotiating with peers.
Capricious children usually express their emotions and demands by rolling on the ground, crying, and throwing things around.
  From a psychological perspective, it is a manifestation of personality paranoia, weak will, and lack of self-discipline.
Environment is the main cause of children’s wayward psychology.
With the improvement of living conditions and the increase in the proportion of only children, many children have become the center of the family. They want to do whatever they want, and they lack a sense of behavior and self-discipline.
Some parents have strict requirements on their children’s knowledge, but there is no requirement on their personality, behavior, etc. The child can do whatever he wants.
Such parenting will inevitably lead to negative creative behaviors of children.
Then, with the improvement of people’s living conditions, many “high-rise children” have appeared, and these children rarely have the opportunity to play with other children.
The lack of opportunities to interact with peers leads to the replacement of children’s playmates by adults, which will make children lack a sense of mutual assistance, cooperation, and lack of humility and self-control.
One parent said, “Our child is so angry that no one can afford it. He never eats three meals on time and eats whenever he wants. But when we eat, he must be playing around and it ‘s best.He was there by his side, and if he was discouraged, he would cry more.
“Children like this can be thought of as having a willful mental problem.
  Although children’s wayward psychology is not born, it is the result of parents’ unrestrained and indulgent education.
However, to a certain extent, it is necessary to correct it psychologically.
  If the child’s willful mentality is not corrected, it will hinder the child’s mental health and normal development.
At the same time, children’s willfulness is usually accompanied by irritability and anger, and frequent emotional loss of control will have a large adverse impact on health.
Because willfulness will lead to the inability to correctly understand and judge things, stubborn personality and unreasonable affairs, impede the development of living capacity, poor communication with people, difficulty in adapting to the environment, and being lonely without being accepted by others. Ca n’t stand the test and frustration of life.Children’s healthy growth is not good.
Serious crimes can also be caused by impulse.
As a parent, we must first make clear requirements and prevent first: Parents usually have clear requirements for their children’s behavior, such as formulating some simple and clear rules.
Once the rules are formulated, they must be resolutely implemented to regulate the child’s behavior, such as the politeness requirements for receiving people and the arrangement of work and rest time.
These rules can make children understand that their behavior is not free, but should be subject to certain constraints.
Of course, because children’s willful performance varies widely, the method of solving willfulness must also be implemented according to people, times, and events. The purpose is to provide children with appropriate constraints and increase their psychological self-control. Refer to the following methods:1.
采用“负强化”的方法  任性,哭闹,家庭教育当孩子任性时,有的家长大声训斥、恐吓,甚至打骂,这不仅无益于问题的解决,还有可能造成孩子的逆反心理,使孩子Use willful behavior to further fight with parents.
Parents can use the “negative reinforcement” method, that is, ignore the waywardness of their children.
For example, if a child is arguing about buying toys or even rolling on the ground, parents can adopt methods of not persuading, explaining, or scolding, so that the child feels that the parents do not care about his behavior.
When the child is full of troubles and gets up from the ground, the parents can say, “We know you are not happy, but you are not troubled now, really a good boy.
“He said he was happy, satisfied, and concerned, explained the reason to the child, and analyzed his behavior.
Distracting the child’s attention: The child’s concentration time is relatively short. Parents can use this feature to find ways to divert his attention and change the child’s willful behavior.
For example, a child who is shopping with his mother is very addicted in the mall.
His mother hurried home, but he just didn’t want to leave.
If the mother said, “Let’s go home.
“He may insist on playing in the mall; if the mother says,” Leave, Mom will take you to the car. ”
“He probably agreed happily.
Then his mother led him home by bus.
He expressed understanding emotionally, but insisted on constraining him in behavior, such as when eating, the child suddenly remembered that the favorite dishes were not available today, and refused to eat angrily.
Even if there are raw materials in the refrigerator, the mother should not allow the child to make it for him, it should be clearly stated that the food is ready, and it should not be replaced casually.If the child continues to make trouble, you can make him hungry, and when he feels obese, he will naturally find food to eat.


Sometimes you can use the method of temporary evacuation. Some children’s unreasonable requirements are entangled without being satisfied. At this time, the parent can temporarily ignore him, and the method of making him cry is invalid, and he will stop.

Afterwards, you can communicate with him frankly and let him explain why.

At this time, persuasion and education will be carried out.

This method may be difficult for parents with a low intellectual level.


When the child has a willful behavior, the parents can use the specific images, typical plots and behavior activities of typical characters in movies, TV or book stories to show or tell the child, so that he is hinted, inspired andeducation.


Parents of the law of attraction can find some positive and trainable psychological factors contained in their children’s willful orientation and motivation, the so-called “flash point” to induce and guide.

Therefore, children’s self-esteem can be protected. Of course, there are many ways to solve children’s willfulness. The key is to cultivate children’s ability to recognize and judge things.

Low back pain sleep in a soft bed or a hard bed?

Low back pain sleep in a soft bed or a hard bed?

The results published by the American “Spine” magazine are not final conclusions, but just remind that patients with low back pain sleep a little better in soft beds. Due to individual differences, they should still be based on their feelings.

  On April 1, 2008, the American “Spine” magazine published Bell Hong’s research that showed that patients with low back pain sleep slightly better on soft beds.

  Bell Hong and his colleagues from the Danish Back Pain Center randomly assigned 160 patients with low back pain to one of the bed types, one of which was a hard mattress, a water bed, and a foam mattress for 1 month.

  Results: (1) Many patients assigned to sleeping beds were unwilling to sleep on the bed; (2) Many patients assigned to sleeping beds stopped sleeping before the end of the study; (3) patients who completed the study had sleeping bedsOr the number of patients on foam mattresses is slightly more than that of hard mattresses.

  [Health Tip]The compiler introduces the latest results published by the American “Spine” magazine, not the final conclusion, but only to remind patients with diabetic low back pain to sleep in a soft bed slightly better, due to individual differences, they should still be based on their feelings.

There are five benefits to the sun

There are five benefits to the sun

The expression “sunburn cures all diseases” is indeed a bit exaggerated, but the benefits of sunbathing are quite a lot, and Chinese medicine has a statement of “collecting the sun essence”.

From a scientific point of view, 90% of the vitamin D required by the human body is obtained by sun exposure.

Let ‘s take a look at the benefits of sunbathing together!

  The five major benefits of sun exposure One, reducing the incidence of depression research has found that in excess sunlight, the secretion of adrenaline, thyroxine, and gonadotropin in the human body will improve, which will effectively improve the depression, depression and other unhealthy psychology.

Liu Baofeng, a senior psychological counselor of the Chinese Mental Health Association, pointed out that too many people will have insomnia, chest tightness, and irritability as soon as winter and rainy weather.

Decreased sunshine duration is one of the causes of additional affective disorders.

  Benefit two, enhance human immunity Yang Li, a professor at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, told reporters that the sun has the effect of replenishing yang and correcting qi.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that “harvesting the essence of the sun” means collecting sunlight to give birth to Qingyang.

The normal viscera function in the human body is supported by yang, which is full, and the body’s ability to resist disease will increase.

Righteousness is relative to external evils. Sun exposure can strengthen the body and strengthen immunity.

  Benefit three: A study from the Australian National University on the prevention of myopia points out that lack of sunlight may be one of the causes of myopia.

The researchers analyzed that sunlight can stimulate the production of dopamine, and dopamine can help prevent the axis of the eye from becoming longer and prevent focus rays from entering the eye when the light is focused.

Therefore, more sun exposure and more outdoor activities can help “nerds” reduce myopia risk.

  Benefit four: Reduce colds A study by the Yale School of Medicine in the United States found that exposure to the sun can help reduce the harm of influenza viruses and other common respiratory diseases.

Researchers believe that maintaining high levels of vitamin D in the body can better prevent problems such as sore throat, common colds and nasal congestion.

In proportion to those around the sun, people living in sunny areas are infected with the flu virus.

  Benefit five: Protect blood vessel health A study published in the British Medical Journal found that people with low vitamin D content are at higher risk of heart disease, heart failure and stroke.

Multiple studies have also confirmed that in the winter when UV is relatively low, the number of patients with myocardial infarction will increase significantly.

Proper sun exposure helps vitamin D become more active, which reduces complications in the body and is more beneficial to vascular health.

  Also pay attention to method 1 when avoiding the sun. Avoid the strongest ultraviolet rays from 10 am to 3 pm. It is the strongest time of the day. During this period, it is best not to stay outdoors for a long time to prevent being caughtSunburn.

  2. Don’t cross the window Many people like to sit in the balcony and bask in the sun through the window, but this can reduce ultraviolet radiation, which will reduce the amount of vitamin D synthesized by the human body. The effect is greatly reduced when compared to outdoor sun exposure.

  3, more “key parts” When you bask in the sun, you should focus on the top of your head, palms and back. It has a good effect on expelling cold, supplementing calcium and clearing the meridians.

The top of the head is the meeting of the sun, the palms are located at the nerve endings, and the rear end immune cells divide. Exposing these areas more can make people healthier.

Sleep well makes you sleep better 7 plans

Sleep well makes you sleep better 7 plans

I ca n’t sleep, I do n’t sleep well, I do n’t sleep enough . Our relationship with sleep has never been as entangled as now. The latest figures show that at least 38% of people worldwide have insomnia.At least one sleep disorder experience . How can I get a good night’s sleep?

Ask different people and get different answers.

The only thing that is the same is that busy and busy urban professional women are experiencing deeper and deeper physical deficits in order to lose a good sleep.

The research results on sleep are endless, from the time of sleep, the mechanism to the depth, a period, from the sound of sleep, light to temperature, food . It does not prevent me from using it, but in the final analysis, sleep is a very personalTime, a very personal thing.

It’s like someone likes the smell of lavender by the pillow, while someone leaves the buckwheat skin pillow made by my mother and is destined to be placed on the opposite side.

Different people have different sleep requirements, and it is you who knows you best.

  Sleep experts put forward 7 hypnotic suggestions for “hypnosis”, let’s take what we need to achieve a good sleep.

  1. Two hours before bedtime, turn off the headlights and change the small lights. Experts believe that cultivating the body’s stimulus to light can help you fall asleep smoothly.

For example, the light in the morning should be bright, and the light in the night should be dim, which helps to form a fixed biological clock.

Experts recommend that after 8pm every night, whether or not you are going to sleep, you should replace the bright headlights with luminous lights to make environmental preparations for entering a quasi-sleep state.

  Additional gains: save electricity, save money, and be environmentally friendly.

  2. Enjoy reading and make a good dream. Reading before bedtime is a memory of the school days, but it is also the most worthy bedtime ritual.

Isn’t it?

As a student, we have few memories of not being able to sleep, and many good habits have not persisted, such as reading before bedtime.

It’s time to pick up this habit and consciously cultivate it as your “sleep prelude.”

Of course, you don’t have to let yourself choose a textbook at all. For a busy day, the best companion before bedtime is a book such as travel essay, which makes the mood of reading relaxed and happy, and does not need to stimulate brain cell thinking.

Sleep experts said that all inspirational, professional and business books that are likely to make the adrenal glands accelerate the secretion are not suitable for entering our bedtime reading books.

  Bonus: Reading more can naturally broaden our horizons and let us understand the possibility of another life.

At least, it’s also good to talk more about your resources while chatting with colleagues and friends.

  3. Drink a cup of hot soy milk and supplement the last nutritional meal of the day. Studies have found that soy milk and milk do have a hypnotic effect. For sensitive bodies, it is possible to distinguish the difference between drinking and not drinking.

  Extra benefits: Milk and soy milk not only contain L-tryptophan to help sleep, but also strengthen bones and dental calcium.

It’s so comfortable to let calcium supplements complete in sleep.

  4. If you are a daze for a while, turn your daze training into your must-be before bedtime. Sleep experts believe that enjoying a really quiet time before bedtime is a good bedtime ritual.

The inability to fall asleep is because the mind and body have not yet bid farewell to the many tasks during the day. Staying alone for a while is a bedtime ritual to change the baggage and empty the spirit.

  Bonus: Enjoying solitude quietly is an ability.

Surveys show that professionals who are alone every day are happier.

Sleep experts say that for people, falling asleep is a lonely journey in itself.

  5. Write the BLOG. The current account record is not the kind of bulletin board-like BLOG that is known to everyone on the day. It is a log only for yourself.

Sometimes we don’t want to let ourselves rest, and we feel that many things haven’t been done, and we don’t feel sleepy when we are lying in a comfortable bed.

  It is better to have a simple running account before bedtime every day, don’t worry about writing, just to record the day’s harvest, so that you feel full of accomplishment before bedtime.

  Bonus: Persistence is a good record of life. After many years, you will be grateful for this bedtime habit.

  6. Take a bath in warm water and give the body a relaxation instruction. Bathing is a great way to relax.

Therefore, spas have been respected since ancient times and can blossom in a variety of cultural backgrounds.

With your nerves and body in a tense state, you can soothe your tiredness and annoyance through the love of water. When the water drops fall on your skin, it is the ritual of “allowing” yourself to start the sleep preparation phase.

  Bonus: If you are keen to “apply 30 minutes a day to apply various lotions to your body”, then in addition to your fragrant skin, you will have a restful sleep.

Because this is similar to a self-massage process, the body that has been taken care of by both hands is therefore more relaxed and natural.

  7, 30 minutes before falling asleep, playing a fixed hypnotic music music is a good way to help the body go to sleep.

Good sleep rituals also include playing fixed music (some Beethoven’s moonlight sonatas or other songs or music that have special meaning to you) before falling asleep, gradually quieting the body, and making the music a prelude to a sound sleep.  Additional benefits: Studies in the United States have found that long-term listening to music and falling asleep can reduce the incidence of hypertension.

Scientists conducted a 5-year comparative survey. People who fell asleep in the gentle sound of music had better sleep quality and healthier hearts than the other group of people who fell asleep quietly.

  These bedtime habits are not conducive to sleep smoking: Tobacco does allow people to temporarily enter another state similar to fantasy, but that is caused by a momentary lack of oxygen in the brain, which will only make you dizzy and not ensure its sleep.

Moreover, the smell of tobacco permeates the air in the bedroom, which is a temporary break at the expense of lung health, which is very unhealthy.

  Drinking: Drinking and falling asleep is also an unhealthy bedtime ritual.

The health hazards caused by excessive alcohol consumption are temporary and frequent. For sleep alone, the drowsiness caused by drinking is usually at a shallow level, so many people still feel top-heavy after waking up.

  Of course, if you only drink a small glass of wine before bedtime every day, it will help your health and sleep.

  Level one exercise before bed: Excessive physical exertion is beneficial to body material and also helps sleep quality.

However, exercise within three hours before bedtime will gradually increase blood boiling and body temperature, which will affect your time to sleep.

  Experts say that although speed exercise is not suitable for your bedtime ritual, it does not negate the effect of exercise on sleep quality.

Studies have found that people who exercise more than 4 hours per week sleep 12 minutes faster than people who are sedentary and sleep for an hour longer.

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise yourself, as long as you are not at bedtime.

  Is bedtime ritual the best self hypnosis?

  Sleep experts believe that LETTING GO’s ability varies from person to person. If you can’t let go before falling asleep, you might as well give up your will to fall asleep and focus instead on focusing on a healthy bedtime habits.

The positive psychological effect of the ceremony on women should not be underestimated.

Therefore, you may wish to establish your own bedtime ritual and complete your body pampering in enjoyment.

  Pick one of the easier nights in January to start your sleep habits.

Because it is easier for people to start building a new body torso at their most relaxed time.

Whether you choose to take a hot bath or listen to classical music, if you stick to it for a week, your body will establish primary recognition of the new sleep ritual.

If you persist for about 20 days, you will have your own sleep ritual.

  What if I can’t sleep?

  Just let it be.

Experts say don’t keep yourself in bed if you find it difficult to fall asleep.

Get yourself out of bed to find something to do, and when you are sleepy, it is not too late.

Allow yourself to be awake if this is the natural choice of the body.

In short, don’t try to control everything, not to mention that sleep doesn’t just listen to people’s mercy, just let it be.

What are you telling others when shaking hands

What are you telling others when shaking hands

A new study once again supports the usual view of etiquette, that a strong handshake is good for men or women to impress others.

  Researchers have found that a good first impression does have a substantial connection with various characteristics of the handshake such as strength, passion, duration, eye contact, and degree of grip.

The study conducted by the University of Albama in the United States evaluated the handshake method of 112 male and female college students. Before the experiment began, the researchers first trained 4 coders over a month to allow them to skillfully giveDifferent handshake codes.

During the experiment, the students did not know that their handshake method was being evaluated. They only held their hands twice with the four subjects, and then filled four personality questionnaires.

  WillianF, who led the study.

Dr. Chaplin said that a person’s handshake is relatively unchanged and related to his personality. Those who have a strong handshake are understatement than those who shake hands, and those who shrink and shrink are more relaxed, open, and will see neurotic, sensitive andshy.

  The study also analyzes gender differences. Generally speaking, men are better than women at shaking hands. Most of the women who are free, have high IQs, and have outgoing personality are also able to shake hands. It is easier to impress than women with a light grip.
But for men, the opposite is also true. Many open men shake hands less heavily, leaving a weaker impression than those who are not so outgoing.

  Dr. Chaplin said that the results of this research are very important for women’s self-promotion strategies. For women, it is positive and effective to show similar self-confidence and behavior to men, especially during business negotiations and recruitment interviews.A strong handshake may make a good first impression, and it will not bring many other subtle reactions caused by self-promotion.

Come over and send you a late night health invitation.

Come over and send you a late night health invitation.

What is the most important thing for contemporary young people?


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Children need gender education

Children need gender education

She had been raised as a boy since she was young, and was about to start school. She was still noisy and wanted to be a boy, and she did not want to go to school to make a fuss.

Under her noisy, she thought of her dress, hobbies, personality, and her parents had some compromises. She had taken her to several large hospitals to ask about the operation, but all doctors did not dare to give her after understanding her experienceShe has surgery.

  She lives in Jiangbei, her parents have a good job, and her family is happy.

The father’s four brothers and sisters, the first three were born girls, grandpa pinned the hope of holding grandchildren on the son, and finally gave birth to a girl, she.

  In order to fulfill the dream of the whole family, she was raised as a boy from an early age.

  Never combed fragile, never wore a skirt, toys were pistols, cars.

Her personality, hobbies and dress are all boys.

The only thing that has something to do with the girl is the name.

At the hospital for examination, she developed well and was healthy in all aspects.

Almost all doctors say: Such a healthy girl is still a child, and her mind is immature, how can she deform easily.

  ”Love” girl classmate wants to transgender yesterday. At her request, her parents took her into the Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University.

After consultation, the tomboy was taken to the psychology department.

  Asking her why she wanted to undergo a transsexual surgery, she said the first sentence was: “Men are only useful if they can do big things and save the world.

“She was imbued with such a thought since she was a child.

  During the conversation, the doctor knew that due to her personality and dress, the girl was reluctant to make friends with her. Until school, there was an introverted and bullied female classmate who was reluctant to play with her.

Playing with it, she felt that she always wanted to hold the female classmate’s hand, and she was uncomfortable without being with her, so she felt that she “love” the female classmate.

  ”Now there are so many transsexuals, and a lot of boys are dressed up as girls, and girls are dressed up as boys. It ‘s nothing to me!

“With the influence of the external environment, her psychology gradually changed.

At this moment, the female student was afraid of being described as homosexual because she couldn’t stand the rumors and began to alienate her.

As soon as she was in a hurry, she began to think of ways to transgender: “I became a boy, and playing with her would be nothing.

“Doctors have said that in such a situation, a responsible doctor will definitely not give her a transsexual operation.

Professor Mei Qixia of the Department of Psychology of Children’s Hospital also said that she is a sexual psychological disorder and has not reached the level of heterosexuality, let alone a homosexual tendency.

What can help the child now is not to undergo transsexual surgery, but also psychological counseling.

  Professor Mei also said that according to previous cases, children who grew up in families with a lack of gender roles in some single-parent families are also prone to such psychological disorders.

The formation of this psychological obstacle has a lot to do with the growth experience, so parents are advised not to ignore the child’s gender education.

Especially for children under 3 years old, family education during this period, external environmental influences, parents’ words and deeds, will have a profound impact on children’s future personality and the formation of healthy psychology.

Parents must not disturb their children’s gender awareness because of their own preferences, unconventionality, and pursuit of fashion.