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How can children’s medication be safe?

How can children’s medication be safe?

Experts say that there are two major reasons for children’s unsafe use of drugs. One is the lack of common knowledge among parents about medication, there are misunderstandings in medication, and the other is the lack of medication for children.

  After your child became ill, as a parent, have you been troubled by “decreasing the dosage of children” on the drug insert?

Ever worry about “lack of data” about the safety and effectiveness of medications for children?

So how can we ensure children’s medication safety?

  Recently, a “Children’s Safe Medication Survey”, which is expected to understand children’s medication habits and potential risks, was launched in Guangdong. Data show that the rate of unreasonable medication for this child is as high as 12% -32%.

The incidence of adverse drug reactions in children is about 12.

9% of newborns are up to 24.


Experts say that there are two major reasons for children’s unsafe use of drugs. One is the lack of common knowledge about medication, and there is a misunderstanding of medication, and the other is the lack of medication for children.

  Improper use of medicines by children is very common. “There is always a small medicine box at home, but every time I give my child a headache, it is either a half pack or an adult supplement. It is not good and I am afraid it is not allowed.”
“Ms. Zhang, who lives in Nancheng, told reporters.

Ms. Zhang said that her daughter is one and a half years old this year, and there are many commonly used medicines in a small medicine box kept at home, but every time she encounters a sick child, she still can’t figure out how to give her medicine.

  The reporter learned in the interview that many parents have the same troubles as Ms. Zhang.

“Last time, my husband and I were not at home, just in time for the child’s stomachache. The child gave the child medicine for purging fires, and he didn’t pay attention to the dose. Later, the child’s stomach pain worsened.

“Ms. Xin said that when she returned home, she found that the child was suffering from a cold stomachache, and immediately gave the child half a pack of mild tonic pills, but the child gave the child a whole pack of purgative medicine. Fortunately,It does not produce much anisotropy.

Another time, the child had a high fever, and the child’s uncle watched a TV and said that a child’s antipyretic medicine was good, so I bought it for the child. A few days later I heard that the drug was not good for the child’s development.Throw away any medicines stored at home.

“Ms. Xin has considered this.

  Li Wei, director of pediatrics at Taiping People’s Hospital, said that in daily admissions, improper use of medicines by children is very common, and there are more adverse reactions caused by transformation.

Specifically, some parents give their children some pain medicines, or drugs such as quick-acting cold and cold capsules, which contain ingredients that may cause the child’s physical resistance; some antipyretics are used for babies under 3 months oldIt is very serious. Doctors generally do not use antipyretics for babies under 3 months of age. Some compound preparations contain ingredients that are not safe for the child. Because of the misunderstanding of advertising, the exaggerated drugs purchased are also beneficial to the child’s bodyImpact.

  In the interview, a single reporter for children ‘s medicines found that in general, infants and children under the age of 2 will take extra care when taking medication and will repeatedly ask their doctors. For older children, if they have a cold-like illness, parents willWill relax your vigilance and “prescribe” your child.

  Ms. Zhang’s son is 6 years old.

Ms. Zhang said that she would also give the child some adult medication, but she would read the instructions carefully, but only some information in the instructions, such as “Pediatric reduction”, “Please follow the doctor’s advice”, “Adverse reactions are not clear” also let herIt’s weird, I don’t know what to do.

She said that if there were medicines for children, parents’ doubts would be resolved.

  In random interviews, many parents also expressed this intent, hoping for real children’s medicine.

It is understood that the so-called children’s medicine refers to the design suitable for children’s special physique and needs, using correctional flavoring agents to improve the bitter taste of the entrance, and improve children’s acceptance.

Another feature is that a dose scale or feeder is included in the package, allowing parents to easily grasp the dose.

  The reporter learned in an interview with supplementary pharmacies that currently there is a single variety of children’s medicines, most of which focus on medicines such as cough and cold. Other medicines, especially topical medicines, have very few varieties.

  In a pharmacy in Guantai Road, a salesperson said that the proportion of children’s medicines in all pharmacies’ medicines is very low, and most of them focus on medicines such as cough and cold. Others are some children’s health products.

The total sales of children’s medicines are average, and a few boxes cannot be sold in a month.

The child is uncomfortable. Most parents take their child to the hospital, and the ones who come to buy the medicine are also brought by the doctor.

  It is difficult for parents to inject a dose. “Every time the child is sick, the most difficult thing is to take the medicine dose. You need to read the instructions and calculate at the same time.

The reporter interviewed a number of parents of children randomly and found that the estimated dose of the drug is hard for the parents.

Many parents also feel confused when faced with the words “Children take under the guidance of a doctor” and “Children’s discretion” on the drug instructions.

  Many parents also said that taking medicine for their children is a headache, either because the pills are too bitter, it is difficult for the child to take them, or it is difficult to calculate the medicine dose accurately.

At least eating too little will affect the efficacy, eating too much is afraid of causing potential.

“Today, you can only read the instructions for your child’s medication, but the instructions are vague.

In this case, you can only dare to give your child medicine after repeated comparisons.

Ms. Xin reluctantly told reporters.  Ms. Liu, who lives in the first city of Jiangnan, said that because she was not assured of medicines, all the medicines purchased by her family for half-year-old babies were Hong Kong medicines.

She feels more relieved that these medicines have a directed dose based on the age of the child.

  In this regard, Li Wei introduced that children are not “smaller versions” of adults. They have different physiological characteristics. Taking adult medicine will damage organs. Even if the amount is reduced, there are risks, especially for children with special constitutions.May be life threatening.

Li Wei said that many domestic pharmacies currently sell over-the-counter medicines, most of which are for older children.

In comparison, the labeling of drugs purchased in Hong Kong is relatively clear, but even this is difficult to be 100% safe, because the dosage of children’s drugs prescribed by doctors is calculated based on weight, age, etc. It is difficult for parents to grasp this.

  Because of the lack of child-specific medicines, children’s medications are often prescribed by children. Instead of adults, they have adopted a long-standing practice of doctors and parents giving medicines to children.The complex “mathematics problems” for children’s weight calculation also lay a hidden danger for children’s medication safety.

  Because children’s physiological development is not mature, doctors are particularly cautious in taking medications. Even children, newborns, and infants of different growth stages are not the same when using certain medicines.

Li Wei said that children under the age of half should pay special attention to medication.

  The first requirement for children’s medication is safety. Li Wei suggested that from the family’s standing medicine, the children’s standing medicine is usually antipyretics, colds and gastrointestinal drugs. Children with more than 3 months in the family can prepare some, specific varietiesCan fully communicate with the doctor, clear the role of prescribing, giving medicines, functions.

In this way, the child can take necessary medicines and suitable medicines, thereby avoiding secondary harm to the children.

  Li Wei introduced that three steps are required to ensure the safety of medication. Before medication, doctors and pharmacists need to communicate with each other. Parents and doctors need to communicate to ensure that medications are used properly and well.

In the process of medication, because children are of different ages, the size of the dose must be calculated based on weight; at the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there is a contraindication to the use of various drugs.

After taking the medicine, pay careful attention to your child’s reaction and communicate with the doctor in time so that the doctor can make adjustments when taking the medicine.

  Li Wei also suggested that parents can usually browse more professional websites to understand the concept of correct medication, such as antiviral drugs such as antibiotics and some traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

In addition, parents should pay attention to the identification of some inadequate advertisements, and do not trust them.

  Pediatric medication common sense: Antibiotics: It is best to follow the doctor’s advice, and use narrow-spectrum antibiotics, single drugs, sufficient doses, and foot treatments. Do not stop using them by yourself.

  1. Antitussive and antiasthmatic drugs: Infants and young children generally do not need antitussive drugs, and more expectorants are used. Asthma promotes local absorption.

  2. Antidiarrheals, laxatives: No antidiarrheals are prescribed for children with diarrhea. Oral rehydration therapy, intestinal mucosal protective agents, micro-ecological regulators, etc. are usually used; most of the minor constipation is caused by fire. Generally, laxatives are not needed and can be taken appropriatelyQixing tea or diet to regulate.

  3. Medication for breastfeeding: Atropine, phenobarbital, salicylic acid, etc. can affect infants through breast milk, so use it with caution.

  4, sedative shock drugs: generally not used, when the diagnosis is clear, you can choose appropriately.

  5, antipyretics: infants and young children less than 3 months should use physical cooling method to reduce fever, children older than 3 months body temperature exceeds 38.

Antipyretics can be used at 5 ℃. Antipyretics above 39 ℃ should be used in combination with physical methods.

  6, but it should be reminded that the use of antipyretics should pay attention to: 1) children are not recommended to use analgin and aspirin; 2) against the use of glucocorticoids as antipyretics; 3) acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be used4) Be sure to carefully observe the child’s reaction and mental state after using antipyretics.

Autumn fruit is on the scene, this season is so delicious, cheap and healthy!

Autumn fruit is on the scene, this season is so delicious, cheap and healthy!

The weather has become cooler, and the temperature difference between morning and evening brings people into the fall, through the changes of the season, and the autumn fruits are on the scene.

Although people pursue the concept of “should be season”, in fact, they are quite cold and should be the fruits of the season, but always grab the products that are precocious, and would rather spend the high price.

However, early-maturing varieties are usually not as good as late-maturing varieties and have high prices.

People are tired of precocious fruits or off-season fruits. When they go public, they always feel that things are worthless, and often they lose interest and disdain.

The end of the best quality late-season seasonal fruits is low-priced sales, and even a lot of rotten. Today, health and health give you the consequences of the September and October seasonal fruits that can bring health to our health.

From September to October, glucose glucose grapes contain a variety of amino acids required by the human body. Grapes on the vegetative vegetative dysfunction and excessive fatigue have a great benefit.

Some substances contained in grape skin are natural antioxidants, have anti-cancer effects, can inhibit cell malignant transformation, and destroy the ability of leukemia cells to replicate.

Kiwifruit Kiwifruit is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. Is it 4 of orange?
12 times, 30 times that of apples and 60 times that of grapes.

Recent studies have confirmed that kiwifruit contains an active substance produced by a “nitrosamine” which is carcinogenic in human body, and thus has a good anticancer effect.

The active ingredient of pomegranate pomegranate can inhibit the proliferation of prostate cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer and other tumor cells, and promote metabolism.

At the same time, it can resist gastric ulcer, lower blood sugar, anti-atherosclerosis, lower blood fat, lower blood pressure, immune regulation, and improve brain circulation.

Pear has the effect of moistening and moistening, clearing away heat and phlegm, purging heat and quenching thirst, moistening lung and relieving cough, nourishing blood and nourishing muscle.

Pears are very rich in nutrients. Modern medical research suggests that pears are rich in fructose, glucose, malic acid, vitamins and minerals.

Pear can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, promote appetite, and still have the effect of lowering blood pressure and calming.

Among the various pear varieties, Sydney is one of the varieties with higher nutritional value.

What fruits should I eat in other months?

The following fruit calendar tells you all!

Since fruit is an essential food in our daily lives, you may not know all the tips for choosing fruit.

Send you a few tips and tricks, from the point of doing things to do.

01 In terms of nutritional value, the varieties with deep color are usually only light-colored varieties, and the varieties with deep colors are usually usually light-colored varieties, which is a high probability time.

For example, the purple black large anthocyanin content is higher than the red variety, and the red one is higher than the yellow one.

The same is true for mangoes, and the orange-yellow varieties have high levels of carotene and a light yellow content.

For kiwifruit, the varieties of dark green flesh usually have higher levels of folic acid and vitamin C.

For grapes, it is also purple-black, and the purple-red variety has higher antioxidant substances than green and white meat.

02 The fruit with rich flavor has little relationship with the nutrient and health care ingredients of the fruit with higher nutritional value.

Relatively speaking, for the same kind of fruit, the taste is slightly sour, and the content of vitamins and antioxidants is higher.

For example, citrus, which is particularly sweet and sweet, has a little bit of sourness, and the polyphenol content is lower than that of a slightly sour taste.

This is because most of the health ingredients have an unpleasant flavor or taste, or acid, or sputum, or bitterness, which is basically independent of sweetness.

This is not to say that the fruit is not sweet, just that if there is only sweetness and no other flavor, the health value may not be as good as the fruit of the flavor.

03 Fruits are eaten and cooked. Some fruits are still eaten better, such as strawberries, grapes, watermelons and other juicy fruits.

But not every fruit is rich in vitamin C. Those low-vitamin C and fleshy varieties, such as apples, pears, peaches, and bananas, can be considered for cooking, such as fruit soup, steamed fruit, roasted fruit, and flavor.All are good, you can eat more.

The fruit is sour and the preservation rate of vitamin C is relatively high during heating.

When eating, use the fruit as a cold dish, and eat it with hot food.

04 hard fruit, please eat this kind of hard fruit, many friends do not know how to eat, eat hard, it is too difficult to eat; eat those who are a little soft, often the fruit is soft and hard, the taste is not good, tasteNot sweet, and finally don’t buy it.

In fact, these fruits are delicious, just wait a few days for patience.

First of all, when you buy it, you should touch it carefully and the fruit should not be bruised.

Once there is an injury, the plant will soften locally in advance, fermenting or even rotting and odor, but other places are not cooked or sweet.
This will be very difficult to eat.
It is good to have a hard body.

However, the fruit can not be over-produced, it must grow to a sufficient volume, the fruit looks full and up, and there is no feeling of curling or tipping.

Don’t be bumped or squeezed on the way home.

Then, after buying it, put these blunt fruits into a plastic bag without a break, then put one or two apples, sea bream, pears and other aroma-smelling fruits, and tie the mouth together to let the ripe fruits release.The ripening gas “ethylene” comes into play.

Over 3?
After 5 days, gently press the base of the fruit, if it is slightly softer (must not be easy to click to soften!

), it means that you can eat, eat in order of softness.

The mature and moderately made kiwifruit flavor is sweet and sour, and the flesh has a little bit of softness when it is soft; the flavor of Yantai pear is the most charming when it has the taste of wine; the flesh of avocado is soft and smooth, and a little bit of condensed milk is especially delicious.

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Drinking a milkshake for PMS

Drinking a milkshake for PMS

Core tip: The right time and the right drink can help you beat premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Studies have found that the potential for vitamin D and calcium supplementation is likely to change estrogen levels in the body, which can helpReduced risk of PMS by 40%.

  Although experts recommend that people drink eight glasses of water a day, most people drink less than three glasses.

Many people don’t like the taste of boiled water, it’s okay, there are many other options, these drinks are wholesome.

In fact, getting the right drink at the right time can help you beat premenstrual syndrome (PMS), stay awake, and treat headaches and more.

So the next time you feel thirsty, take a drink and make your body healthier.

  Drinking a milkshake for PMS female friends want to eat before menstruation every month, so why not indulge your taste buds these days, drink some desserts to prevent and alleviate complications and other symptoms?

Studies have found that the potential of vitamin D and calcium may cause it to change estrogen levels in the body, thereby reducing the risk of PMS by 40%.

  So you can try this low-calorie treatment: Mix 1 cup of skim milk with 1 cup of frozen strawberries.

This 160-calorie drink gives you 25% of the calcium and vitamin D you need.

  Drinking apple juice to relieve headaches for a day at work makes you feel nervous and can’t breathe because of work?

Apple juice or apple cider (hot and cold dialysis) can significantly relieve your headache, and its treatment time is as long as that of an aspirin.

Studies have shown that if you like the fragrance of fresh apples, it will have a very significant healing effect on your body.

On average, people say that the taste is 90% odor, and green apples or any single apple juice (either freshly squeezed or concentrated) can help alleviate the pain caused.

  Drinking lemonade to boost energy Whether you want to stay energized in the morning or feel depressed in the afternoon, drinking lemonade is a good choice.

A study from Chicago showed that lemon flavor can control anti-fatigue effects by stimulating nerves in the nose, which in turn can “wake up” the sensory system in the brain.

  Drinking pure coffee doesn’t get confused in the morning. When you are unwillingly pulled up in the morning, you can try pouring a cup of Java coffee for yourself.

Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, and you feel more awake and smarter.

According to personal preference, some people like sweeter coffee, but it should be noted that low-fat or skim milk is added instead of a spoonful of sugar.

This is because if you add a lot of cream or a lot of sugar, this will even affect your waistline, and these substances can not provide the energy required by the human body for a long time.

Pure milk can supply the protein and glucose needed by the body, which helps to maintain the stability of blood sugar more continuously.

  Drink ginger tea to regulate your stomach. When your cold stomach hurts, your mother may let you drink ginger ale.

Ginger is helpful in resolving acid reflux and relieving the symptoms of nausea.

However, the taste of carbonated soda is unbearable for some people, so you can add it to two or two small pieces of ginger in ordinary tea water, or put some tender ginger pieces in a pot of boiling water, and cool it for five minutes before drinking.

Chamomile tea and mint tea have also been found to relieve abdominal pain, but you should avoid using mint if you want to treat heartburn, which may exacerbate gastric reflux.

  Drinking grapefruit juice to consume a small amount of grapefruit (grapefruit) is known as “weight loss food” is not the plot of the novel.

A 12-week study of 108 obese patients found that those who drank 8 grapefruit juices per meal improved by about 3 on average.

3 pounds.

To ensure that the weight loss effect of grapefruit did, the researchers compared: Some patients who drank the same amount of apple juice overdose did not lose any weight.

  Drinking low-fat chocolate milk restores the energy and flavoring of milk. The optimal ratio of glucose to protein is about 3-4 grams of carbohydrates per gram of protein.

Although most “recovery drinks” provide carbohydrates and electrolytes that are lost through sweat, protein supplements can help you recover quickly after exercise.

Milk also contains bone-enhancing nutrients such as calcium, which cannot be provided by sports drinks.

Why choose chocolate milk?

If you blend milk into real cocoa powder, this beverage supplemented with antioxidants can better help the body repair muscles.

  Drinking green tea improves memory According to a recent study in the United States, if you feel you are a bit forgetful, improving the brain’s properties in green tea can help you think more quickly.

Researchers determined that the elderly who drank at least two cups of green tea a day reduced their volume of cognitive dysfunction by nearly half compared with those who drank green tea only three times a week.

And coffee, black tea, and oolong tea can be found to help improve the nerves in the brain.

Moisturizing skin with drops of olive oil

Moisturizing skin with drops of olive oil

Olive oil is directly cold-pressed from fresh olive fruits, without heating and chemical treatment, retaining natural nutrients.

Because olive oil is rich in nutrients and has outstanding medical and health care functions, it is recognized as a green health-care edible oil. It is known as “liquid gold”.

In addition to eating, olive oil also has great effects on beauty.

  Olive oil is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F, K, and unsaturated fatty acids up to 88% or more. It can be easily absorbed by human skin, absorb moisture, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial, etc.Efficacy is the simplest and most effective skin care product.

  Apply olive oil on makeup. When removing and applying makeup, add 1-2 drops of olive oil to the basic makeup, rub it evenly on the face after rubbing, and the skin will become shiny and effective.

When removing makeup, two drops of olive oil on a cotton pad can easily remove makeup, even those that are advertised as waterproof.

  Use olive oil as the base oil for home SPA. Olive oil is the most affordable base oil and essential oil. It can resist aging: 2 drops of rose essential oil + 1 drop of cinnamon powder + 10 ml of olive oil.

  Olive oil foot protection: Mix salt and olive oil in a ratio of 2: 1, apply it on the feet, massage it thoroughly, then rinse with water, and dry it with a towel.

  Olive oil lip Before bed, apply a hot towel to your lips, and then apply cotton oil to your lips.

This can improve the effectiveness of lips for women who apply a lot of lipstick every day.

In addition, the weather suddenly becomes cold, and the cold or the stomach is not good. It will often be troubled by peeling and cracking of the lips. As long as you rub a small amount of this product, the lips will become smooth again after two or three days.

  Wash your face with olive oil and warm your face with warm water and dry it with a towel. Then apply cotton to the board with olive oil.

After 10-15 minutes, use a hot towel to cover your face, and finally wipe it gently with a dry towel.

In addition, olive oil is used to moisturize the body. After bathing, add some olive oil in a glass of water and mix well, apply to the body, and then massage appropriately to make the skin smoother.

  Olive oil removes vitamin E from olive oil in stretch marks. The ratio of human essential fatty acids Omega-3 to Omega-6 is exactly 1: 4, similar to human milk.

For infants and young children, olive oil helps to balance metabolism and promote children’s nervous system, bone and brain development.

For pregnant women and lactating mothers, it is even better nutrition.

  Olive oil conditioner When the hair is dry, apply olive oil to the ends of the hair.

When the time comes, pour the shampoo directly on the dry hair, add a little water until it foams, and finally wash the hair carefully and then rinse it off with water.

Washing your hair with olive oil can make your hair shiny and beautiful, and prevent your hair from yellowing and bulging.

  Olive oil moisturizing replaces the brown sugar used for coffee. Add an appropriate amount of olive oil and honey to reconcile. Then apply it to a wooden board for 1 minute, and then wash it with water.

This method has the effect of moisturizing and smoothing the skin.

  To remove wrinkles in the olive oil, you can use two drops of olive oil plus aloe vera gel, mix well and apply the size of soybeans to the fine lines.

  Olive oil for weight loss Before breakfast, drink two spoonfuls of olive oil on an empty stomach to get the ideal weight loss effect.

Spinach in autumn diet can prevent oral ulcer dermatitis

Spinach in autumn diet can prevent oral ulcer dermatitis

Bean sprouts: Soy beans and mung beans contain a large amount of protein, traces and impurities, as well as sodium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other essential elements of the human body. After the sprouts, they can not only retain the remaining substances, but also increase vitamins B1, B2, B12 andC content.

Chlorophyll in bean sprouts can be implanted in rectal cancer.

Soybean sprout-rich aspartic acid can greatly reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the body, which is conducive to eliminating fatigue.

Chinese medicine believes that bean sprouts are sweet and cool, and have the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, and reducing dampness.

  Spinach: Spinach is a vegetable with extremely high nutritional value.

The spinach of the pointed leaf spinach has thin leaves, thick roots, and many sugary pieces; the spinach slices are large and thick.

The content of carotene in spinach is much higher than that of other vegetables. Although ascorbic acid is lower than that of pepper, it is higher than that of tomatoes. Spinach has the highest hemostatic vitamin K in leafy vegetables.

The oxide content is 91 per 100 grams.

8 grams of protein 2.

4 grams, aunt 0.

5 grams, 72 mg calcium, 53 mg phosphorus, and iron 1.

8 mg, ascorbic acid 39 mg.

Spinach is rich in riboflavin, which can prevent corner ulcers, cheilitis, glossitis, and dermatitis.

  Carrot: Weiganping, eat the spleen and stomach.

Carrots are best stewed, and fried is good.

Stew can maintain more than 93% of carotene, and fried food can also maintain more than 80% of carotene. Raw food and cold dressing can only absorb 10% of the body.

  Cauliflower: Cauliflower is rich in vitamins, and every 200 grams of fresh cauliflower can provide adults with more than 75% of vitamin A required for a day.

Its vitamin C content is more prominent, up to 80 mg per 100 grams, which is 3 to 4 times higher than that of common Chinese cabbage and soybean sprouts, and 2 times higher than that of citrus.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always been said to “color white into the lungs.”

Autumn is a season of frequent respiratory infections. White cauliflower is definitely a timely health vegetable.

Celery: Celery has a cool nature, non-toxic Ganganxin, flatten liver and stomach, intake protein, sugars, carotene, vitamin C, amino acids, etc. It can stimulate the central nervous system, promote gastric juice secretion, increase appetite, and have a purifying effect.
Celery can be fried with fragrant dried meat and shredded pork.

  Pakchoi: bitter and slightly cold, nourishing the stomach and medium, and intestines and stomach.

Pakchoi contains a lot of vitamin C and calcium, but also contains phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamin B.

There is also a kind of cabbage, cabbage, which also has a bitter taste, can benefit the heart and kidney, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and has analgesic and promoting healing effects on stomach and duodenal ulcers.

  Lettuce: The lettuce is tender and tender.

Eating lettuce can enhance the secretion of gastric juice and digestive juice, and increase the secretion of bile.

The potassium in lettuce is 27 times that of sodium, which helps to promote urination and maintain water balance, and has a great replacement benefit for hypertension and patients with hypertension.

The fluorine element contained in lettuce can participate in the formation of enamel and dentin, and participate in the growth of bones.

The iodine content in lettuce is high, which will have a beneficial effect on the basic metabolism and physical development of the human body.

The nutrition of lettuce leaves is far more than that of lettuce stems. The leaves contain 72 times more carotene than its stems. Vitamin B1 is 2 times, vitamin B2 is 5 times, and vitamin C4 is 3 times. Therefore, lettuce leaves may not eat.It’s a pity.

In addition, people who love cough in autumn, eat more lettuce leaves or flat cough.

The golden recipe for rheumatic diseases

The “golden” recipe for rheumatic diseases

In order to “know what it is and why it is,” we conducted in-depth discussions on the prescription and treatment of this drug in clinical treatment. We learned that the drug consists of two-sided needles, horse chestnuts, broadleaf, andGanglong, Weilingxian, and Jiguxiang are mixed together.
Any one of the medicines in this recipe is a “classic” medicine used by folks to treat rheumatism, and the scientific compatibility of the six flavors of medicine is really the “upper recipe” in the “classic”.
The role of this drug is particularly prominent is the double-sided needles and horse chestnuts, which are used as king medicines.
The two-sided needles of the rutaeaceae plant have the functions of relieving qi and pain, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and removing wind and dehumidification. The folk are mostly used for bruises, rheumatism, stomach pain, toothache, poisonous snake bites, and burns.
  Double-sided needles with wide tendon can relieve wind and nourish blood, and relieve pain.
The main rheumatism paralysis, clinical joints can be seen in limb joints, soreness and mobility, acute redness, swelling, heat and so on.
Aesculus chinensis with Wei Lingxian has the functions of dispersing cold and analgesics, and the main pain and paralysis of rheumatism. It can be seen clinically that the limbs and joints remain cold and painful, and when it is cold in one place, it is slower when exposed to heat.
Guoganglong is equipped with broad-leaf vines, which has the functions of soaking wet, turbidity, nourishing qi and swelling, and pain relief. The main rheumatism is paralysis. Clinically, the limbs and joints are severely swollen, even swollen, but not moved or red.
Granite with chicken bone incense, it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, main rheumatism and heat paralysis, clinically visible limb joint pain, redness and swelling in the pain, swelling and pain are cold and slightly relieved.
The above 6 medicines are used in combination and have very good curative effect.
  We selected 100 patients with rheumatism in our outpatient clinic to observe the curative effect for half a year.
They are all sick for more than 5 years, the longest is 16 years, aged 42-63 years old, 32 males and 68 females.
  Treatment: Oral compound Fengshining tablets.
  Efficacy observation: follow-up examinations before and two weeks after treatment, and check blood routine, urine routine, liver and kidney function once, and record the time and frequency of the onset of the disease.
  Observation results: 58 cases were cured, 10 cases were markedly effective, and 30 cases were effective. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate was reduced, and liver and kidney function were not damaged. Another 2 patients were ineffective.
The drug has an effective rate of 95 for treating pain caused by rheumatic joint diseases.
8%, the effective rate of dysfunction reaches 92.
  In the clinic, we found that for patients with rheumatism treated with compound rheumatoid arthritis, patients with short illness and mild illness only need 1-2 courses of treatment, and patients with longer illness but less than 10 years of severe illness need 2-5 courses.
  For patients over 15 years, we recommend the use of “shock” therapy: For patients with severe morning stiffness and obvious pain, take 5 capsules in the morning on the first day, and 3 capsules each at noon and evening.
Patients with obvious pain at night, take 5 pills at night, and 3 pills each in the morning and noon.
For patients with no obvious morning and night pain, take 3 capsules each morning, noon, and evening on the first and second days, and return to normal dosage on the third day.
  In clinical treatment, we also found that some patients had symptoms that aggravated the initial reaction, such as “stiffness” in the legs and back, which disappeared in about a week, which was an improvement response.

11 ways to help overtime mental health

11 ways to help overtime mental health

1. Try not to work overtime. You can’t finish the work. When it’s time to leave, leave the office on time without delay.

  2. Sufficient sleep to pick up the lights and fight at night, or get up at 5 in the morning to continue to work is not a good strategy.

Lack of sleep can lead to decreased creativity, low mental fatigue, and irritability.

  3, turn off the computer, our lives do not need to access the Internet every moment.

Sometimes turning off your computer and staying away from the screen will make you feel very comfortable, your thinking will be clearer, and your thinking will be more active.

  4, close to nature, forget about work, get rid of troubles, close to nature is one of the best ways.

Take some time every day to go outdoors, take a break for a while, and look at the flowers and trees, which is very good for human health.

  5. It is important to accompany relatives and friends to work, and family and friends cannot be replaced.

Taking the time to accompany them will make life richer.

But if you really want to stay engaged and interact, you can’t “be in Cao Yingxin in Han”.

  6, healthy eating busy work makes people like to go to the restaurant, fruits, vegetables and cereals and other healthy foods eat less and less.

It is recommended to enjoy eating at home, at least one trip to the kitchen every day.

Most importantly, don’t eat Hesse while working, which can lead to overeating and obesity.

  7. Cultivate hobbies. Find hobbies that have nothing to do with your job, and make your life more fulfilling. Sometimes running, drawing, reading novels, or writing.

These pastimes can bring you joy and let your body engage, fully relax and enjoy.

  8. Pay attention to physical warnings. Overtime work overload, people are often tired, but also make people lonely and indifferent.

If these warnings have already been issued by your body, your work should “slow down” immediately, and it’s extremely important to figure out if you are sick or should take a good rest.

  9, self-reflection If work is too busy, it is best to re-examine yourself once in a while to see if your work status is normal.

Once you find that you have worked too much overtime, have n’t contacted your friends for a long time, and feel uncomfortable without checking your e-mail, then ask yourself: “Why am I doing this?

Is it working so hard?

10. Keep good habits. Healthy habits don’t develop overnight. A little change every day. Perseverance will bring big gains.

For example, exercise for 30 minutes every day.

  11. Ask for help If you think you are a workaholic, then it is best to take the initiative to seek help and receive relaxation treatment if necessary to maintain a good work and life balance.

Life is only once, and being kind to you is the most important thing.

The clever woman never said eight words

The clever woman never said eight words

In the love world, quarrels are inevitable.

To love someone should be thorough, not blind or stupid. Only an open-minded woman who knows how to tolerate is wise.

No matter what the relationship is, no man is willing to let you touch the scars of the heart, so there are some things that women should never say easily.

  1 “I want to talk about things between us.

“Because for men,” we “is the most frightening word. When you refer to” we “, it implies that you and him are one. Men feel that discussing relationships is the most troublesome thing in the world.

When a woman mentions this topic, there may be something wrong and it is about him.

So you have to be wise, you must first find out the problem and tell him directly, instead of throwing him emotionally and repetitively, it will only make him somehow angry.

  2 “If you really love me .” Men feel that when a woman says this, she must have done something wrong again, which makes him feel full of guilt, like all kinds of words, just a kind of ineffectiveHe will tolerate you at the beginning, but when guilt turns into anger, he will block your words back. You should make the atmosphere more gentle by suggesting that if you love me, take more timeAccompany me . “to” Did you change the time you meet with your friends from daily to once a week so that we can spend more time together? ”

This will allow men to understand your thoughts and feel accepted and discuss.

  3 “You always . / you never .” This sentence is like a time bomb, and it can blow you up and beyond your heart at any time.

Because they are always used by the depressed.

If you have any questions, you should sit down and talk, let him know your feelings and suggestions, and then ask for opinions, similar to: “I have something to say, you have watched TV for too long and made me feel left out.” The language isThose who have art, and do not speak the art of language between lovers, will only cause unreasonable misunderstandings and quarrels.

  4 In terms of sex, do n’t say “I do n’t like it” or “You ‘re bad” because he knows that you have given him a low score in this area, he will feel that his self-esteem has been seriously hurt, do n’t mention the things that made him frustrated, just sayShow what you like, like “I like you to take your time”, or “Your gentleness makes me comfortable” euphemistically tell him what you want, and let the happy part increase his confidence.

  5 “I want to talk about your past girlfriend.

“If you want to have a happy time with him, don’t mention his past again, because then you will force him to remember.

Whether it ‘s nostalgia for your ex-girlfriend or your unhappy past, you do n’t want it, and the more you know, the more jealous you will be, and you will fall into the vortex that you ca n’t extricate yourself first.

Therefore, you just need to cherish everything now and let him have his own secret!

  6 “I’m so fat, ugly, stupid .” Don’t say anything about your shortcomings in front of your lover, whether it’s true or not.

Because this will train him how to criticize you.

Since he loves you, he will accept everything and let him discover your shortcomings. If it is not a matter of principle, he will associate your strengths, and try to see yourself from the perspective of appreciation!

In fact, you and him are not as demanding as you are.

  7 “It’s pointless to talk to you.

“Do you find him boring or uninteresting?

Don’t argue at this time, let him have conscious ability.

For example, at this point you stop talking to him or make no representations.

Alert him with your silence.

  8 “I don’t want to say anything.

“Women sometimes don’t want to say what they want, but they want men to read their expectations.

And men are sometimes the same.

In fact, to solve the problem, we must speak it out, and think about each other’s minds, that is, it may not be correct.

So state your needs.

The man will not scratch his head and tell him to let him communicate with you in the same way, so that the two will not always repeat themselves, but will be more intimate.

Art of War: How to Face Your First Job

Art of War: How to Face Your First Job

Nearly July, the new college graduates will leave campus and enter different industries to meet the challenge of their first job in life.

Although there is a saying of “employment before choosing a career”, for graduates who are not deeply involved in the world and lack the ability of career planning, whether the first job can be selected and done well is basically the same.

  A psychological survey showed: “If a person is satisfied with a job, he can use 80% -90% of his full talents and can maintain high efficiency without being tired; on the contrary, if he is not satisfied with the job, thenOnly 20% -30% of the full talent can be exerted, and it is easy to get tired.

It can be seen that the subjective evaluation of the first job determines whether you can do it well, and it is more related to future career development.

Here, the reporter interviewed Dou Ji, director of the human resources research department of E-House (China) R & D Center, which has a good research on career planning and occupational psychology.

He divided the newcomers into three categories and prescribed corresponding prescriptions.

  The first category: satisfaction is high. Those who enter the favorite enterprise enter a favorite enterprise. Newcomers are often full of longing for vision, strong performance and enthusiasm for work.

Driven by a positive attitude, he will turn challenges into motivation in his work and complete his tasks better.

  Here’s a reminder: As you head into your work, slow down and do three homework: 1. Familiar with the internal organizational structure of the company.

Including the company has certain departments, the layout of each department, how it operates, the functions and parts of its own department in the company, the titles and ranks of colleagues within the department, and the company’s promotion mechanism.

With the concept of the company’s overall framework, you can initially clarify your development prospects in the company, instead of focusing on work and neglecting the development direction, you can turn passive acceptance of transfers, job assignments and promotion into active participation and planning.

  2. Understand the company’s level within the industry.

After finishing the first homework, you should look farther and pay attention to the strategic development of the company, whether such a company is a leader in the industry, whether it is facing internal and external problems, and performance is happening.

In this way, you can know what development opportunities the company has in the industry, how far you can go with the company, and your 3-5 year plan has taken shape.

  3. Understand the development of the industry.

You need to conduct a macro analysis of the industry: Is it a sunrise industry or a sunset industry?

In this way, you can know how the work experience accumulated after a few years will help your career development.

If you transfer to a related industry, you need to supplement certain skills, or you can conduct research in some areas to develop yourself.

You can continue to pay attention to industry comments in your work, listen to the views of seniors, and gradually deepen understanding.

  After completing the three homework tasks, we can focus on our work beyond planning and purpose.

Otherwise, after entering the company for half a year, you will still be ignorant, and the working status will be an obvious “parabola”: from initiative to enthusiasm disappearing, to acceptable replacement, and finally blindly hopping.

  The second category: general satisfaction, the second best. The second category accounted for the graduates.

Graduates are generally reluctant to enter a company that is more competitive than others.

Therefore, in the early stages of entering the company, such graduates often see more disadvantages than advantages, resulting in a relaxed and negative mentality.

Under this kind of mentality, newcomers tend to regard work as a means of earning a living, so they pay more attention to remuneration and expenditures, only do good housework at work, do not take the initiative to work overtime, and lack a sense of accomplishment.

After working out a budget, if the salary does not meet expectations, or if there are difficulties in interpersonal relationships, the idea of a blind job change will occur.

In this regard, experts made two suggestions: 1. Correct attitude and actively study.

Although the sparrow is small and has all the internal organs, even if the company is not the best in terms of scale, profitability, compensation, etc., for a newcomer like a blank paper, it is most valuable to have enough things to learn.

Work skills, corporate rules and regulations, corporate management, job accumulation, and knowledge of workplace etiquette, office politics, and other potential workplace rules are all important foundations for workplace survival.

  2. Focus on career opportunities.

While doing your job and accumulating workplace experience, you can also actively prepare for your next job.

For example, to understand the professional definition of the desired profession and the vocational skills that should be possessed, the core competitiveness, and use the spare time to improve self.

  The third category: satisfaction is very low. Helpless signers often have newcomers who have just settled into a job position. They are lifeless, slack and passive, unable to work, and even jump jobs many times.

These performances are the result of dissatisfaction with the current work.

In this regard, Dou Ji has the following suggestions: First of all, do not easily decide the first job.

First of all, the first career experience of a newcomer is very important, it will affect future career mentality and career planning.

Therefore, it is not correct to rush to accept a job that you are not satisfied with in order to find a job before graduation, or under pressure from other students to sign a contract.

  First, adjust your mindset and know yourself.The first thing to do is to analyze your shortcomings, rather than repeating this seemingly poor job.

If you still can’t find a satisfactory job like other students after hard work, it means that your professional competition is weak, and you may be lacking in professional knowledge, teamwork and communication skills.

Therefore, the focus of your attention should not be how bad and small the company is, but you should see your weaknesses.

Again, although a sparrow is small, it has everything you need, and you need to learn a lot from the company.

Please start from your first day at work, exercise your ability in all aspects, learn from each other, and actively prepare for your next job.

What is the return mentality of the elderly?

What is the return mentality of the elderly?

There is a saying that “the hero does not mention the courage of the year”, but some old people like to talk about “the courage of the year”, and they brag about it when they are not moving. They mention how “powerful” they are, and they are annoyed by their families. They themselves are unaware.Still speaking with relish.

  Psychologists call this psychological phenomenon “returning psychology”, that is, obsessed with the past, like to immerse themselves in the memories of the past, and think that the past is better than the present.

 First of all, it is easy for two types of people to have a returning mentality: those who are unwilling and elderly in life.

The former is powerless because of his dissatisfaction with his situation, and he has to find comfort from the memories of the past.

  Due to the deterioration of the body tissues, the thinking ability will become slow, and the memory will decline in the near future. It is difficult to learn new things.

At this time, the long-term memory has not completely declined, so it will repeatedly describe the past events stored in the brain to fill the shortcomings of recent memory.

Therefore, the old man’s “squatting” is to obtain psychological balance and comfort.

  In addition, the retired old people become leisurely, and they will feel useless. They feel that they are no longer being treated as before. They are recognized, there are few opportunities to meet their children, and there is not enough communication. It is inevitable that they will feel lonely and lonely.
  Therefore, for parents who retire at home, they should have a little more understanding of their children, be more concerned, encourage their parents to develop their hobbies, and so on, practice calligraphy, raise flowers, and read books.

Encourage parents to strengthen physical exercise, walk, jog, practice Tai Chi, etc. as far as they can.

Of course, if you are busy, you have to take more time to go home to see your parents, chat with them, and let your parents reduce loneliness and loneliness.

Encourage parents to participate in social activities and do what they can.

  For the elderly to always mention “the courage of the year”, the children should give full understanding.

For the elderly, self-promotion is always more sighing than all day, self-satisfaction is better, at least for its physical health, because it can stimulate psychological activities, improve thinking, emotional excitement, and enhance optimism.

Therefore, for the elderly who like to brag about themselves, their children should cater to them more, praise more, and less cold water, trying to gain spiritual pleasure.