Ancient skin care know ancient classic recipes

Ancient skin care know ancient classic recipes

Ancient skin care know ancient classic recipes

Too many MMs are very advocating ancient skin care, Xiaobian deliberately summarized the ancient skin care methods accepted by more MMs.

You may wish to find a good recipe for you.

  Recipe 1: Essential oils for pain relief Ancient Greeks liked to apply essential oils on their bodies after bathing, and often used the essential oils to wipe the dust and the parts of the heart. They thought that the pleasant odor could play an analgesic effect.

  Decryption: Essential oils are high-molecular, highly permeable things that can penetrate into the blood vessels and lymphatic circulatory system in about 10 seconds, transforming the effects of nourishing the skin and analgesic.

Lavender oil can soothe and relax our tired bodies and nerves. Rosemary oil has a soothing effect on joint pain. And the essential oil is absorbed in the body, which can have antibacterial and antiviral effects, and the effect is very good.

After taking a bath, apply the essential oil to your body and massage gently to help the essential oil gradually penetrate into the skin, or drop a few drops of the essential oil into the water, either washing your face or bathing.

  Intimate tips: The characteristics of essential oils are to help our body clean, detoxify, and relieve stress. It can only relieve pain. It can’t treat diseases such as angina pectoris and arthritis, so don’t take it for medicinal purposes!

  Secret recipe 2: Milk bath Cleopatra of Cleopatra brings incredible beauty and style.

It is said that Cleopatra especially liked to take a donkey milk bath to make her skin delicate, soft and smooth.

Actress Yasmia.
Filali followed her example and took a milk bath at least once a week.

  Decryption: After adding milk, the bath water will become very soft, and in addition to moisturizing, milk can also tighten skin and astringent.

If your eyes or body are swollen when you wake up, taking a milk bath can reduce swelling. Soaking milk before going to bed can relax your body and mind and promote sleep.

  However, the temperature of the water in the milk bath is preferably 40 ° C to 60 ° C. The water is too cold, the pores are not easy to open, and the water is too hot, which will destroy the nutritional content of the milk.

Mix the milk at a suitable temperature and rinse it for about 20 minutes. If the time is too long, the bacteria in the milk will cause damage to the skin.

  Intimate reminder: If you think that the milk has been soaked, then it will not prevent the facial skin from fully absorbing the boiling milk vapor when cooking the milk. The heating and evaporation of nutrient-rich milk will promote facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and persist in causingYou will feel ruddy, smooth, and tender.

  Secret recipe 3: Aromatic vinegar Aromatic vinegar treatment is a more popular beauty method nowadays.

Although everyone knows that vinegar is particularly good for our health, it can lose weight and soften blood vessels, but now vinegar has begun to be used externally, and many celebrities in foreign countries have “battered” vinegar on their bodies to rejuvenate their skin.

  Decryption: A large number of vitamins and antioxidants in vinegar can promote metabolism, whiten and sterilize, dilute melanin, quickly eliminate exfoliated keratin, supplement skin nutrients and moisture, can promote blood circulation, reduce rough pores, and resist oxidation.

It is especially suitable for skin after sun exposure, rough skin, oily, yellowing, pigmentation and other problems, which can be effectively solved.

  Intimate reminder: The origin of vinegar in Shanxi has a special cosmetic vinegar for external use, and edible vinegar. It has a short fermentation time and little irritation to the skin. It is also available in some big supermarkets in Beijing.Look for it.

In addition, soak the raw eggs in vinegar, soak and peel the egg skins, and then use the vinegar-soaked egg liquid as a mask or wash your face, the skin will become delicate.

  Secret recipe 4: Vaseline lip pateau and charming lips, every day will apply light lipstick on sexy lips, and after makeup, gently touch the lips with Vaseline to protect the lips like thiseffect.

  Demystified: Applying petroleum jelly is a good way to prevent dry lips.

Vaseline will not be absorbed by the lips, and even form a layer of moisture barrier, so that the moisture on the lips will not be evaporated and lost, and the lips will not be invaded by foreign objects.

  Intimate reminder: Although Vaseline can moisturize the lips, it is more greasy. If you apply it more, you will feel a film on the lips, which makes it difficult to speak.

It is recommended that you apply a layer of lipstick before you apply a few drops of petroleum jelly on your lips.

  Secret recipe five: Strawberry bright teeth Zeta.
In addition to his beautiful appearance, Jones had white teeth.

She said that her bright white teeth are due to strawberries. She brushes her teeth with strawberries at least once a week. It seems to work well. Can strawberries really achieve the “whitening teeth” effect?

  Decryption: Strawberry is particularly rich in vitamin C, but it is a natural whitening sacred product.

Strawberry can brighten teeth and remove stains on the teeth and between the teeth. Because the malic acid contained in it has astringent effect, it can remove tooth stains and tartar. It can effectively help melanin reduction and whitening.

Of course, its effect is not comparable to bleached teeth, but it does make your teeth look brighter.

  Try it at home, mash the strawberries into a paste and add a little baking powder.

Put it on the toothbrush like squeezing toothpaste, use the toothbrush to “apply” to the teeth, “fix” for about 5 minutes, and then rinse it.

  Intimate reminder: Not only strawberries, apples are also rich in malic acid. The fine fibers in apples can remove the dirt between teeth, can also whiten the teeth, and can also effectively disperse the accumulated accumulation in the body, preventingGain weight.

  Recipe 6: Special Firming Fanaomi Campbell uses well-developed coffee for firming and beauty every week.
Horn said that the reason why she can stay youthful is mainly an ointment that is usually only used to shrink hemorrhoids. Horn uses this ointment to apply under the eyes to remove wrinkles and firm the skin on the eyes.
  Decryption: Caffeine is a natural body drainage agent, which can drain excess water from the body and eliminate edema.

At the same time, the caffeine in coffee can also stimulate the central nervous system, stimulate skin cell excitement, and promote skin smoothness and nourishment. Medical ointments are very unscientific to use on the skin and skin. Although it can tighten the skin, it may cause theCauses skin epidermal necrosis, and the skin will slowly shrink.

  Intimate reminder: coffee can be considered, after all, you can drink and wipe, but the ointment for hemorrhoids is best to avoid it, after all, it is not something to apply on the face.
  Recipe 7: Vegetables and Fruits The most natural skincare method for the face is to use vegetables and fruits, Christine.
Aguilera wipes her face with raw potatoes every day, Cindy.
Crawford will rub the eyelids with fresh potatoes before going out, initially to remove the wrinkles under the eyes and lighten the dark circles.

Mudidi likes to use a kiwi cleansing cream, add some honey and yogurt to the kiwi pulp, and then apply it to the shell tender skin, and some people add honey and olive oil to the cleansing cream.

  Decryption: The potato juice dissolves in the bones to have a whitening effect, and if the potato is affixed to the eyes for 30 minutes, it can restore the puffiness of the bags under the eyes. Applying a raw potato mask on it can also eliminate facial puffiness and stretch your face, so thatFacial skin is smooth and tender.

  Kiwi, tomato, lemon, cucumber and other vegetables and fruits, supplemented with vitamin C, whitens the skin, can also treat freckles and stains, and delay skin aging.

  Intimate tips: Apply fresh vegetables and fruits directly to the skin. Pure nature will not harm the skin. Why not?