Eating tomatoes is a great way to lose weight

Eating tomatoes is a great way to lose weight

Eating tomatoes is a great way to lose weight

I heard that eating tomatoes can lose weight, is it true?

  If you eat more tomatoes and eat less high-conversion foods, it does have a weight loss effect.

Tomatoes are very low in energy, containing only 19 kcal per 100 grams, while the weight loss food that apples often eat-apples contains 76 kcal per 100 grams.

The energy of a tomato (about 200 grams) is only equal to 1/8 of a bowl of rice.

Such low energy makes it the first choice for weight loss.

  The small tomato is not instantaneously low, but it can also produce sufficient satiety and promote the excretion of the body, which is mainly due to the replacement of fiber.

People always want to eat because the brain ‘s satiety center sends a “satisfaction” signal, and implanted fibers cause the stomach to expand and stimulate the satiety center.

Tomato’s estimated fiber can absorb excess feces in the intestine and excrete the feces with food residues, which has the effect of promoting defecation.

Based on these two reasons, if you eat tomatoes often, the conversion absorbed by the human body will be reduced a lot to achieve the effect of weight loss.

  There are no hard and fast rules for tomato weight loss, but tomato replacement can generally be used.

Breakfast and lunch are a normal diet. For dinner, you can eat 3-4 tomatoes or drink 2 cans of tomato juice; you can also eat less for dinner and eat one tomato or drink 1 can of tomato juice.

Moreover, tomato juice is more easily absorbed by the body than lycopene from fresh tomatoes.