Where do children ‘s hostility towards parents come from

Where do children ‘s hostility towards parents come from

Where do children ‘s hostility towards parents come from

Case Ningning is 15 years old. His father and mother are both music teachers, and their relatives also like music. His family is nicknamed “Music Family” by friends.

Ning Ning was intentionally cultivated by his parents in music since he was a child. He learned the violin like his father. His violin playing level is very good and everyone is optimistic.

  Ning Ning also likes the violin very much. When he wants to practice himself, he enjoys himself and is very natural.

However, his parents always felt that the amount of practice was too small, and constantly urged him to practice, practice, and practice again, almost every day until the early morning.

  Ning Ning’s parents are painstaking, hoping to train their children to become an excellent violin player. In order to increase the amount of practice for their children, parents sometimes coax and deceive, sometimes intimidate, and sometimes follow temptations.

With the intensified demands of their parents, Ningning’s resistance has become increasingly fierce.

He and his friends often stayed all night, and in the end, he was prevented from taking ** outside.

The child’s violin career also died.

  The disappointment of Ningning’s parents can be imagined, what is wrong with this family?

Why does your own education method fail?

These questions are even unclear to Ning Ning’s parents, even many parents are unclear.

  Analysis There is a bomb called “child” in the life of the child, who is the boss?

  Ning Ning’s fall is essentially a demonstration of his parents. He must be able to resist his parents’ control of his life in such an extreme way. He must let his parents know that he is in control of his own life!

  In fact, Ningning also knows that he has a certain talent to practice the violin. If he works hard, he will become famous in the future.

But now his path to school is dead, and he is so arrogant that he seems to be telling his father and mother: I just want you to see who is the boss in my life!

  Endurance is a manifestation of maturity rather than visible in irrational hostile parents. Why?

When I came into contact with Ning Ning, I found out that the child said this. Mom and Dad had to predict more for me. Don’t be embarrassed every day. If they are still the same, then I would rather kill my right hand than touch the violin.

  But why didn’t Ning Ning express it like this-Mom and Dad are shy, I’m so uncomfortable.

I know the violin has a bright future, but everything has to be decided by myself, not by them.

However, although sad, I have grown up and should endure their nagging.

This is the rational way of thinking.

  Regarding the child’s food and clothing, it is also necessary to control the personality problem. It is not that the parents are asking too much, but that the child’s mental capacity is too poor. This requires parents to absolutely not engage in the cultivation of business skills for their children.Of children are strong, mature, and able to endure the seemingly rigorous supervision of their parents to achieve success. Some children have extraordinary talents in a certain area like Ning Ning, but because parents ignore the child’s character training, they are irritable, sensitive, and gradually unable toAny degree of frustration, so as to achieve their goals by irrational means.

  If you only care about the child ‘s food and clothing, regardless of the child ‘s personality, then what you leave for yourself is a bomb named “child”, and you give him all his blood, but as long as there is disagreement, he will explode.In your unexpected way.