11 ways to help overtime mental health

11 ways to help overtime mental health

11 ways to help overtime mental health

1. Try not to work overtime. You can’t finish the work. When it’s time to leave, leave the office on time without delay.

  2. Sufficient sleep to pick up the lights and fight at night, or get up at 5 in the morning to continue to work is not a good strategy.

Lack of sleep can lead to decreased creativity, low mental fatigue, and irritability.

  3, turn off the computer, our lives do not need to access the Internet every moment.

Sometimes turning off your computer and staying away from the screen will make you feel very comfortable, your thinking will be clearer, and your thinking will be more active.

  4, close to nature, forget about work, get rid of troubles, close to nature is one of the best ways.

Take some time every day to go outdoors, take a break for a while, and look at the flowers and trees, which is very good for human health.

  5. It is important to accompany relatives and friends to work, and family and friends cannot be replaced.

Taking the time to accompany them will make life richer.

But if you really want to stay engaged and interact, you can’t “be in Cao Yingxin in Han”.

  6, healthy eating busy work makes people like to go to the restaurant, fruits, vegetables and cereals and other healthy foods eat less and less.

It is recommended to enjoy eating at home, at least one trip to the kitchen every day.

Most importantly, don’t eat Hesse while working, which can lead to overeating and obesity.

  7. Cultivate hobbies. Find hobbies that have nothing to do with your job, and make your life more fulfilling. Sometimes running, drawing, reading novels, or writing.

These pastimes can bring you joy and let your body engage, fully relax and enjoy.

  8. Pay attention to physical warnings. Overtime work overload, people are often tired, but also make people lonely and indifferent.

If these warnings have already been issued by your body, your work should “slow down” immediately, and it’s extremely important to figure out if you are sick or should take a good rest.

  9, self-reflection If work is too busy, it is best to re-examine yourself once in a while to see if your work status is normal.

Once you find that you have worked too much overtime, have n’t contacted your friends for a long time, and feel uncomfortable without checking your e-mail, then ask yourself: “Why am I doing this?

Is it working so hard?

10. Keep good habits. Healthy habits don’t develop overnight. A little change every day. Perseverance will bring big gains.

For example, exercise for 30 minutes every day.

  11. Ask for help If you think you are a workaholic, then it is best to take the initiative to seek help and receive relaxation treatment if necessary to maintain a good work and life balance.

Life is only once, and being kind to you is the most important thing.