Love Selfishness Test

Love Selfishness Test

Love Selfishness Test

What would you choose if you were asked to choose a military art job now?


Writer B.

Photographer C.

Sculptor D.

Analysis of the painter’s results: Choice A: On the battlefield of love, what you care most is not the appearance of the other party, nor money. What you care most is whether you get the true feelings of the other party.

You hate selfish people, so you push yourself and others. In love, you are the person who cares for the other person, but it ‘s better to pay more attention to skills, because forcing the other person to accept your self-righteous kindness.Is it a kind of selfishness?

Selfishness index is 40%.

  Choice B: You like the sense of interaction in love. As long as the person you love gives you happiness, you will return.

You care about the other person, and you also respect them. You always like to observe the needs of the other person silently, such as the preferences of your lover, and then use special methods to surprise each other at special moments and make your lover feel intimate.

Selfishness index is 15%.

  Choice C: In love, you are a serious person and always take the initiative to avoid being manipulated by love.

You use both hands to shape your imaginary form of love. The lover must be able to cooperate with your imagination. If the two can live in peace, you will also be a good lover.

If there is a gap, your uneasiness that cannot grasp everything will happen.

Selfishness index is 75%.

  Choice D: You are a self-centered person. If you want to do it, do it if you want to laugh. You always live for yourself and don’t want to abide by the norms replaced by society.

It is impossible for a lover to change you, because you always do what you want, and change can also be said to be selfish and arbitrary, which makes the other person feel very hard.

So the person in love with you is really a bit tired.

Selfishness index is 90%.