Futures stock markets both tumble private equity institutions

Futures stock markets both tumble private equity institutions

Futures stock markets both tumble private equity institutions

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  Futures market stocks both fell. Private equity firms said that they are now dipping. Source: Securities Daily reporter Wang Ning. On the first trading day after the Spring Festival, the overall stock market trend was weak.

Under the linkage of stock and futures markets, futures varieties also fell significantly.

Rebars, fuel oil, and more than 20 futures varieties fell daily limit.

Even in the context of the overall weakness of the stock and futures markets, investors are still confident in the market, and yesterday, a net inflow of northward funds nearly 20 billion yuan.

  Institutional analysis believes that although the stocks and futures markets performed poorly on the first trading day after the holiday, the net inflow of northbound funds was a good performance of investors’ firm and long-term confidence in the A-share market; during the Spring Festival, infected new coronavirus infectionsThe domestic fundamentals have changed due to the impact of the pneumonia epidemic, but in the long run, short-term fundamentals cannot change the medium and long-term economic trends.

At present, the epidemic situation will be controlled, at this stage or the best layout opportunities.

  On the first trading day of the A-shares after the Spring Festival, from the perspective of the sectors, the agricultural, securities, real estate and other sectors fell the most.

In terms of stock index futures, the three major contracts opened lower across the board and fell again in the afternoon; the closing of the contract closed, and the main 50 Shanghai Stock Exchange (IH) contract fell by 9.

50%, CSI 500 (IC) main contract limit, CSI 300 (IF) main contract limit.

  Yuan Huaming, general manager of Huahui Chuangfu Investment, told a Securities Daily reporter that the inflow of northbound funds reflects the mid- and long-term confidence of some overseas capitals in China’s economy and capital markets. The adjustment of the stock index is not small, and it will definitely attract some short-term overseas funds.

  ”If the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection can be effectively controlled or the disease can be alleviated, this is the best time to make a bottoms.

Yuan Huaming said.

  Xia Fengguang, a private equity fund manager, told reporters that the initial decline in the stock market yesterday was caused by market sentiment, but at the same time, some originally low-volatility blue chip stocks have also fallen sharply, attracting the attention of Kitakana funds.

In addition, A shares have fallen more than Hong Kong stocks over the same period, and the trend of Hong Kong stocks has stabilized, and subsequent A shares will usher in a stop and rebound market.

  Maodian Assets believes that the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection will not change the medium-to-long-term trend of the economy, but it is still difficult to determine when the remission will occur. Regarding the extent of the fundamental impact of the domestic economy and listed companies and the impact time, it still needs to continueEvaluation, cautious about short-term bottom.

If the index market continues to decline rapidly, there is a high probability that there will be a considerable rebound, focusing on industries such as technology, size 5G, semiconductors, and new materials.

  ”The current epidemic has a relatively large 北京夜生活网 impact on industries such as tourism, catering, hotels, retail, film and entertainment, and transportation. The short-term demand for non-essential consumer goods industries such as real estate, automobiles, and household appliances will also be suppressed.

Yuan Huaming said that if the duration of the epidemic is prolonged and the impact on corporate investment expectations and household consumption is expected, the impact on China’s economy and stock market will tend to be long-term.

If the funds are long-term funds and the underlying assets are relatively prominent and the core assets are not estimated to be high, investors can hold the mid-to-long-term investment philosophy and decide to reduce or adjust their positions in the context of market pricing adjustments.

  Du Caifeng, a senior expert in TOC Futures Energy 杭州桑拿网 and Chemicals, told reporters that the triggering logic of the deep fall in energy and chemical futures varieties on the first trading day after the holiday was affected by the infected fundamentals.

During the holiday break, pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection is severe, the fermentation of the risk aversion and the continuous resumption of work have a resonance effect on the deformation of the supply and demand layout. The first day of the opening market focused on the disk.

In addition, the gradual resumption of production at the factory will have a significant impact on the demand side of industrial products, especially for energy-saving products. The upstream production side is mostly continuous production. There will be pressure on the warehouse during the Spring Festival holidays.Will further increase the accumulation of upstream manufacturers pressure.

  ”The opening and deep decline in the outlook of energy and chemical products can be interpreted as making up for the decline, and then the logic of the market trend will continue to develop around the development of short-term fundamentals.

Du Caifeng suggested paying attention to the production adjustment of upstream and downstream enterprises. The burden reduction of upstream producers is conducive to marginal relief of inventory pressure.

In general, the risk assets are expected to keep pace with the development of short-term fundamentals, but they will not interrupt the medium-to-long-term trend of economic growth. After the improvement of risk aversion has been announced, investors are advised to pay attention to investment opportunities in long-month contracts.